Ocar de la Renta revamps Beats by Dr. Dre

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Talk about a crazy collaboration! Who would have thunk that one of fashions most influential designers would team up with one of the most well known names in the music industry? (We’re not talking about wannabe fashion designer Kanye!) It seems like an unlikely pair, but Dr. Dre and Oscar de la Renta have produced once heck of a product. These limited edition headphones are covered with silver fox fur and are equipped with handsfree calling and a travel case.

Would you pay $695 for these ?

Spice Girls announce London Musical

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The Spice Girls posing in London to announce the launch of their new musical(which will only be playing in London). The AH article says that its the first time they’ve all appeared together since 2008.   Gotta be honest- they all look damn good for not being in the public eye for the past 4 years.


Usually stars will get comfortable and relax and ‘let go’ when they’re finally out of the Hollywood Limelight-  but these women look like they’ve been in the gym and beauty salon everyday since.

Bebe launches bridal collection!

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Last week Bebe launched their brand new bridal collection online and in their flagship stores. The overwhelmingly positive response that the brand received from the in-store launches and in the social media world shows that the brand definitely hit a high note with their customers. The line consists of wedding gowns starting at $950, bridesmaids dresses starting at $169, and bridal accessories as low as $20! Check out par of the collection here!

Jeffery Campbell Prickley Platforms

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Looking to add a little danger to your shoe collection? These Jeffery Campbell platforms are dangerous in more ways than one!

Not only am I skeptical of whether or not it is possible to walk in these, but I definitely wouldn’t want to be kicked by someone wearing these? Whether you live on the wild side or you just want to spice up your shoe collection, these are a must have for your fall shoe collection. Nastygal.com has these, and similar spikey shoes available in different styles and colors. Go ahead, spike up your life!

Blame it on Kate Middleton!

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No, i’m completely kidding about the Kate Middleton thing-  I may singlehandedly be that girls biggest supporter.

Seriously, let’s talk about this!  They beat out NYC… that hurts,  we need to step our game up NY.  Our economy took a dump, Bieber cut his hair, my partner in crime over at weSTYLEny  thinks she’s a better blogger than me(ha!)… I mean, NY is just in a complete downward spiral that we need to snap out of.

Click below for the official story as released by Reuters: Full Story »

Jeremy Scott’s latest sneaker collaboration with Adidas causes major controversy.

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These unique looking sneakers are the latest Jeremy Scott for Adidas Roundhouse Mid “Handcuff” sneakers. While controversy may not be the first thing that comes to mind for you when looking at them, it has been for many civil rights activists, including Reverend Jesse Jackson. The main problem with the shoes, is that people are claiming that the design of these shoes is linked to slavery.


Interesting enough, the inspiration of these shoes has absolutely nothing to do with slavery. The shoes were actually designed with the “My Pet Monster” toy in mind. If you take a look at Jeremy Scotts collaborations with Adidas, they were based off of panda heads and Mickey Mouse. I understand why some people may be offended, however it seems like the situation was taken out of context. Now that we know the real origin of the shoes, what are your thought on these kicks?

Gucci dabbles in the auto market

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The limited edition Fiat 500 by Gucci made its way to New York city and Gucci’s fashion store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan during Fashion Week.

“In the ‘50s, the Fiat 500 created a style revolution when it first hit the road. It quickly became the must-have car of its time,” said Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini.

The 2012 Fiat 500 by Gucci models in both hatchback and convertible formats will be available exclusively at Fiay Studios nationwide starting in December 2011.

“Travelling in style has also been at the heart of Gucci ever since Guccio Gucci founded his company as a producer of leather trunks, suitcases and handbags in 1921. So, when Lapo Elkann suggested the idea of this collaboration, it struck me as a perfect opportunity to create a new, modern travel statement in Gucci’s 90th anniversary year,” she added.

In addition to the car, the two Italian brands have also worked together on a dedicated collection that includes travel and fashion accessories, apparel and small leather goods, that are available in select Gucci stores.