14-year old girl changes the tune of Seventeen and their photoshopping habits!

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Your voice can make a difference. That’s what we have learned from 14-year-old Julia Bluhm, the brave teen who posted a petition on Change.org back in April, challenging Seventeen magazine to run non-photoshopped spreads that are relatable to real girls. After a petition of over 12,000 signatures, and a protest in front of the Hearst building (where Seventeen’s offices are), the magazine listened. Check out the “Body Peace Treaty” that Seventeen’s Editor in Chief, Ann Shoket published as part of her editor’s letter in the August issue. Julia’s next challenge? Teen Vogue. Her latest petition has already received more than 10,000 signatures and is growing by the minute!

Something is wrong with this picture, and I just can’t put my finger on it

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I don’t mean to point out the obvious here, but, that wreath is COMPLETELY out of place on that sweater!   Whoever sewed this thing should have brought it over a couple inches to the left.   Hey guy, way to ruin the Christmas spirit at what appears to be a fun family holiday gathering.

Summer shoes for dudes…mandals not permitted.

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Sperry Top-Sider, $90

Vans California Decon Chukka Sneakers, $70



We usually chat about women’s shoes on Shoesday, but summer shoes for men is something that definitely needs to be addressed. One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to mens fashion is mandals, just don’t do it! The only time that I think it is ok for men to wear sandals is when they are on or headed to the beach. In the mean time there are definitely some great, stylish, and comfortable summer shoes out there for men. These Sperry bat shoes and canvas Vans are a few of my summer faves for men. The best part is that both of these pairs retail for under $100!

I’m gonna say it:  Hot. Mess.

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Sinead O’Connor got married for the fourth time last week, I didn’t even know she got married 3 other times to be honest- Up until I read the article I thought she was a Lesbian, right?  Like that’s the last thing I heard,  Sinead O’Connor, lesbian, unmarried.   Then over the weekend I’m on my phone surfing the information super highway and I find out Sinead has been married 3 times previously, she’s not a lesbian, she just turned 45,  and she looks like an absolute train wreck!  They got married late last week at the Little White WeddingChapel in Las Vegas-  yuuuuup, same place Britney(who just turned 30) got hitched for her short-lived wedding a few years back.

I’m not being mean here people, I’m just calling it like it is. What the heck happened to her?   I remember her years back with the shaved head, and I actually thought she pulled it off great.  Now she just looks beat up. I respect tattoos,  but sheesh, when did “tattoo giant pirate hat across my chest” sound like a good idea?


Her Husband looks like he just rolled out of bed.   Come on dude,  how bout a little starch in the collar?  A little gel in the hair? A little tailoring on that suit?  anything? This is your wedding man! Clean up for the show!   throw a little iron into that thing or something!  rub some viagra on it,  do what you gotta do but when you have a beautiful bride like Sinead O’Connor on your arm…

OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!  I GET IT!  You’re marrying Sinead O’Connor and you don’t NEED to clean up for anything.  It all makes sense now. Sag on Barry, Pirate hat it up Sinead, the Drive-Thru-Wedding ceremony is your stage!

Uniqlo … & the Unbeatable deals

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So, I am not certain if you have visited Uniqlo in SOHO (546 broadway), but you should because its great!   And if you think that location is great you MUST MUST MUST visit there flagship store on 5th Ave (666 5th ave) .. and don’t forget to check out the latest location on 34th street (31 west 34th).

CHECK THIS OUT: http://www.uniqlo.com/nyc/now/

Either way Uniqlo is an amazing company that has locations across the globe (the only ones in the states being in NYC, go figure!!).  The company not only offers high end styles from there +J Final Collection, inspirations and designs from the one Miss Jil Sanders herself, but also has a great deal of CSR.  Not to mention there advanced HEAT -TECH items that come in handle for those bone chilling months … and of course super fun colors, but above all AMAZING deals!!!!


Get into it:  Weekly Holiday Promotions starts today November 28 – December 4 (and well, they often have great deals so stay posted).


Are Nike’s Olympic-themed “Gold Digging” T-shirts sexist?

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Check out the new Nike Olympic T-shirts that sparked a controversy in the twitterverse. I personally think they are clever and adorable! Do you find this T offensive?

Carrie Bradshaw isn’t the only one who could rock a white Vivienne Westwood dress!

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Eva Longoria was spotted at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, on her way to the 52nd Monte Carlo Television Festival. The brunette beauty looked ravishing in her crisp white Vivienne Westwood dress, accompanied by shoes from her favorite shoe designer, Brian Atwood. What do you think of Eva’s ensemble?