has the cutest wishbone necklace!

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Looking for the perfect necklace for layering? Well I did the work and found it for you at! This wishbone necklace is the perfect gold necklace to wear on its own or with 5 other layers. For only $18 you can have the perfect necklace that can be taken from casual to glam. Throw this on with a plain t-shirt or with a low cut black dress, and you are sure to turn heads!

Don’t forget what WHO we are celebrating this weekend!

Keywords: memorial day, support our troops, katy perry

It’s Fleet Week here in New York, and Memorial Day weekend kicks off tomorrow, but are we getting caught up in trying to find a handsome sailor, the major sales this weekend, and the fuss about who’s barbecue we are going to attend? Chances are, most of us are forgetting what this holiday is all about. It’s a time to remember our fallen soldiers and the brave men and women who are fighting for us each and every day. So while you may not be performing for Fleet Week in New York like Katy Perry in her American flag dress, don’t forget to thank a soldier, it’s the least you can do!

Katie Holmes is set to make her New York Fashion Week debut!

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Katie Holmes is no stranger to fashion week, in fact, here she is seen sitting front row next to fashion major-leaguers Glenda Bailey, Victoria Beckham, and her stylist and business partner Jeanne Yang. In fact, you may or may not know that Katie Holmes actually has her own fashion line in which she works on with Yang.

Holmes & Yang was founded in 2009 and has sadly not gotten too much recognition. Now, after her split from Tom, Katie is ready to break out, and make her New York Fashion Week debut. We can’t wait to check out the presentation that the two will host in September!

Your dress shirt doesn’t fit… at all

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One of my biggest pet-peeves is watching a guy work the room in a dress shirt that could double as a parachute in case of emergency.  Seriously-  I understand that dress shirts aren’t for everyone, but you can atleast make an attempt at finding a shirt that some what resembles a proper fit.

And yes… Okay… you got me:  This wasn’t a very fair competition:     Your everyday joe Versus the All American Vampire/werewolf/monster slayer that has women melting in their seats across the world. Maybe Taylor Lautners hand was a little heavy coming into this, but that doesn’t mean our friend Dennis The Menace didn’t have a fair shot.  I bet if you tighten up that collar, take in the back, cut 14″ off the sleeves and dye the shirt blue…. you wouldn’t be able to tell him or Lautner apart.

Lady Gaga gracefully graces the cover of Vogue’s September issue

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If you have seen the documentary The September Issue, then you know exactly what goes into fashion’s most anticipated issue of the year, Vogue’s September issue. This year, the world’s most controversial pop musician, Lady Gaga, is Vogue’s cover girl. Shockingly enough, Gaga looks somewhat, well….normal. I am actually loving her exaggerated curves and natural-looking makeup, even though hair makes her look like the bride of Frankenstein. Regardless, I say “go girl!” to Gaga on her fabulous cover!

Emma Stone is Vogues July cover girl!

Keywords: emma stone, vogue, july issue

Emma Stone is on fire these days. Her impeccable fashion sense, her super-sweet personality, her blockbuster movie, and her adorable boyfriend certainly haven’t hurt her popularity! If you haven’t grabbed a copy of the July issue of Vogue yet, you should definitely get on that. The sultry, yet sweet cover featuring Emma Stone is just the start to her drop dead gorgeous photo shoot inside the mag. This girl has definitely got it going on, and I can’t wait to catch her in The Amazing Spider-Man on July 3!

I’m kind of jealous of DVF for GapKids and babyGap….

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With St. Patty’s day weekend approaching, green is definitely on my mind, and while I was swooning over the mini-wrap dresses that were released yesterday at GapKids, I decided I needed to check out the adult versions. I am OBSESSED with this DVF wrap dress that I found at Shopbop, The colors are pure perfection, and it looks amazing on this model!