Necklaces you CAN’T eat!


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Celebrities are showing us their sweet tooth! Remember these necklaces?  I used to get them from the ice cream man. Then I’d wear it all day and slowly eat them one by one.  The down-fall= a sticky neck! Well now you can get the same look; keep your neck from getting sticky, AND keep the cavities from happening too. Woooohooo! Where do we recommend you get your candy necklace? Right here at KanDi World. Not only do they carry these sweet pieces of jewelry, but they also have cupcake inspired bikinis. I know it’s not bathing suit weather anymore, but who doesn’t love cupcakes?! Now I’m hungry!  Might have to go check out for some lunch ideas :)


Unisex Shoes to Shine

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Today kicks off the GDS international footwear and accessories trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany. Rumor has it that unisex shoes will be the ones to shine. Androgynous shoes have been around for a while, but are they really here to stay? Check out Yahoo News for more information about the show!

Second Mad Men collection for Banana Republic to be released on March 1st

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Retro seems to be a trend that is not going away, and it clearly has something to do with the fabulous period inspired TV shows that have been taking the tube. Mad Men is a show that inspires trends, so much so that Banana Republic is going to release their second Mad Men inspired collection next month. Check out Banana Republic stores on March 1st to check out the fabulous new collection, just in time for the shows’ new season!

Head down to Soho on March 15th to Shop the Night Away!

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On Thursday, March 15th, 22 of the most fabulous Soho stores with be running amazing sales! From 5pm to 9pm stores including Betsey Johnson, Tibi, Theory, Scoop, Helmut Lang, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, La Perla, and many more will be offering discounts of up to 30% off! How great will it be to hit up discounts at your favorite stores, all in one night!

Best dressed of the Billboards!

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Ok, so I am trying to keep my best dressed lists a little shorter than usual, since they are usually about 20 people long! At last nights Billboard awards, I was loving the color that Taylor Swift and Usher brought to the red carpet!

Taylor Swift in Elie Saab 

This red Elie Saab dress is the perfect style to keep up with the sophisticated look that Taylor has been going for these days. Her straight hair and red lips make her classic look. Taylor’s stylist has been spot on lately, and has helped to changer her look for little girl to fabulous woman. Are you loving these looks from last night?? 

First a kilt, now jeggings… what’s next?

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I’m a Kanye fan, so don’t think I’m bashing the guy.   All I’m saying is at what point do we question what he wears when he leaves the house?

Fashion is independence, and a way to express your personality through any mix and assortment of clothes you can throw on before walking the door-  that’s why I LOVE FASHION.

But Kanye,  you’re go from Gangster to Jeggings quicker and more freely than any other man walking this earth,   can we get a little consistency?   For example,  Pharrell Williams,  we did an article on Skateboard P  a while back-  He sticks to one direction and rocks it proudly. He’ll show up to the Grammys in a pair of skateboard kicks, saggy skinny jeans, and a G-Shock any day of the week and pull it off…. but Kanye,  I feel, leaves us guessing everyday pics are posted online of his recent outings across the world.

At the end of the day, I love the guy-    racist, sexist, conceited, nasty etc etc. Say what you want about the guy,   I’m not trying to be his best friend,  all I’m asking out of him is to put out good music-  and he’s been doing that just fine for me over the past several years.  **for the record-   that jacket is absolute perfection matched up with his Air Yeezys

Super Shoesday sale!

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I LOVE these shoes by Steve Madden, and the best part is that they are dirt cheap! These leather platform shoes are perfect to transition you from Winter to Spring. Right now you can get these shoes for less than half of the original price, check them out here for  just $59.98!