WHY Miley, WHY?!

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Last night, Miley Cyrus attended the Billboard awards looking like she was about 30 years older than she is. I understand that she is trying to appear grown up and to appeal to something other than her Disney fan base, but this is just absurd to me!

Believe it or not, I am actually quite a fan of Miley (I am a sucker for Party in the USA, guilty pleasure!), and I do think she has been looking great lately. But I can not fathom why she went for the no-pants look in this Jean Paul Gaultier blazer! Oh well, it was a nice try. Better luck next time Miley!

Wayne Gretzky’s daughter makes him proud blush!

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There’s a new hot girl in town, and she happens to be one of the most  famous hockey player of all time’s daughter!

Wayne Gretzky’s daughter, Paulina, is a struggling actress who is doing whatever she can to get noticed. Her latest stint is this racey photo shoot with Complex magazine. The girl is gorg, so hopefully this helps her to get noticed! I wonder what wePUCKny.com has to say about this, or better yet, what does daddy have to say?

Spice Girls announce London Musical

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The Spice Girls posing in London to announce the launch of their new musical(which will only be playing in London). The AH article says that its the first time they’ve all appeared together since 2008.   Gotta be honest- they all look damn good for not being in the public eye for the past 4 years.


Usually stars will get comfortable and relax and ‘let go’ when they’re finally out of the Hollywood Limelight-  but these women look like they’ve been in the gym and beauty salon everyday since.

Anne Hathaway headed to the Today show in NYC wearing Erdem.

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A fairy-like Anne Hathaway headed to the Today show in New York yesterday looking absolutely adorable in this peterpan-collared, floral Erdem dress. There is just something so sweet and wholesome about Anne’s look in general, and the pixie cut makes her exude a confidence that I have never seen in her before!

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Check out Anne in her interview on the Today show. Not only does she look amazing, but she is so sweet and eloquent. I can’t wait to see The Dark Knight Rises in a few weeks!

Mulberry layers it on in London.

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Photos courtesy of WWD.com

With New York Fashion Week behind us, London Fashion Week is in full swing. One of my favorite lines, Mulburry, put on one hell of a show on Sunday morning. Tons of layering, prints, fur and dashes of tangerine went strolling down the runway. These were a few of my favorite looks from the collection.

Coco brought the girls out

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Coco and Ice T, well, just Coco here, and her girls.    The reason I posted this pic was because of the shoes-  they’re amazing and I want them.


My question though,   a little too small? Right?  It looks like her pinky toe on each foot is falling off the side of the shoe.   Heels aren’t exactly the most comfortable thing to begin with, let’s be honest, so her feet must have been killing her at the end of this night!

The best summer shoes on Piperlime, and they are on sale!!!

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I am not always a fan of Stuart Weitzman shoes, but when I come across a great pair, they are FABULOUS. Lucky for us, Piperlime is having a sale of up to 40%, and these shoes are included in the sale! I love the color scheme, shape, and wearability of these wedges, they are the perfect, must have additions to your summer shoe collection! Check them out at Piperlime.com!!!