Mila Kunis goes 60′s glam for the new Dior campaign!

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Mila Kunis is not just another pretty face in Hollywood; the girl’s got it all. She is extremely talented, absolutely hilarious, and totally drop-dead-gorgeous. It is no wonder that Dior chose Mila Kunis to front their Spring 2012 ad campaign. The lovely Ms. Kunis went for the 1960′s chic-look and pulls it off perfectly!

AKA the Nike Air Mag

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Ahhh those were the days… Michael J. Fox racing all over town in Delorians, custom Nikes and Hover Boards.  That was when life was as simple as Mom setting you up in the living room with a Juicebox, a bowl of pretzels, and popping ‘Back to the Future’ into the VCR( remember those things?).   I remember it like it was yesterday,   Michael J Fox was my idol. So young and innocent, yet he handled that crazy grey haired scientists tests like it was his job…. and for his efforts?   20+ years later, Nike releases the same custom sneaks that graced the feet of Marty Mcfly back in ’85.

These are for our sneakerheads.  I won’t ever be able to get my hands on them because i’m sure they’ll be sold out within minutes, while i’ll still be stuck behind this computer screen slaving over the web to bring you the latest and greatest in our industry.   While I would never wear them in public personally, I stand behind the entire campaign Nike has put behind the release of this shoe.  This is the stuff I/we live for!

I foresee an impromptu Kanye/Jay-Z photo-op in our near future.  On their way out of a restaurant in NY somewhere;  crisp new jeans, fresh new T-shirt and some hard to get Marty Mcflys on their feet.

Add a little Aztec to your feet!

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Fun prints are all the rage this spring, and I am obsessing over all things tribal! If you have read previous articles of mine, you’ll know that I love the idea of mixing prints. These are the perfect shoes to go print crazy with or to just add a little spice to your outfit! The best part is that they are on SUPER sale at for just $126.40!

Kate Upton looks stunning in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar!

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Blonde bombshell Kate Upton looks stunning in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar! She has an old Hollywood glam look going on that suits her just perfectly. Thanks to one of my favorite fashion blogs, we have some fab footage from behind the scenes of this Terry Richardson shoot! Enjoy!!!

supermodel Anja Rubik takes her Jolie leg to the sextreme

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This is flying around the web right now, so how do I not make it my Picture Of The Day?    Look Anja, I can respect a confident woman with a beautiful body to show off…. but try not to trash up the joint next time.   Angelina did it with class, you did it with ass.   Point goes to Angelina on this one in my book.

WHOA! someone please tell me this is photoshopped!

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Ooh my gosh,  this can’t be real, right?    Donatella Versace has brought way too much to the world of Fashion to ever be seen out in public like this.  Everything from head to toe(or in this photos case lower waist) is scary!    It has to be fake, I refuse to believe this is real.  yuck!

Necklaces you CAN’T eat!


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Celebrities are showing us their sweet tooth! Remember these necklaces?  I used to get them from the ice cream man. Then I’d wear it all day and slowly eat them one by one.  The down-fall= a sticky neck! Well now you can get the same look; keep your neck from getting sticky, AND keep the cavities from happening too. Woooohooo! Where do we recommend you get your candy necklace? Right here at KanDi World. Not only do they carry these sweet pieces of jewelry, but they also have cupcake inspired bikinis. I know it’s not bathing suit weather anymore, but who doesn’t love cupcakes?! Now I’m hungry!  Might have to go check out for some lunch ideas :)