Adorable sunglasses for just $12!!!

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Hi and happy Monday! What better way to start off your week than with a great deal? Check out these adorable polka dot sunnies from Aldo for just $12! I love a good pair of investment sunglasses, but I also love having a ton of cheap pairs so that I can switch them up often. They are also great to take on the beach and on vacation so you don’t have to worry about losing or ruining your good pairs! Find these shades here, and have a sunny week!

Another notch on the neck, a dainty skull necklace!

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My obsession with skulls began on my trip to Mexico last year. One afternoon, while boyfriend was sleeping off a bad sunburn, I walked down to the pool alone. Instead of participating in the raunchy spring break-esque shenanigans that were going on, I decided to head over to the ceramic table and paint something. In the spirit of Mexico, I decided to paint a sugar skull. Now I am no artist, nor have I ever claimed to be one, but I did try quite hard to stick to a Mexican-themed color palette and color in the lines (which is way harder to do with paint than you might think!).

When I finished, I was less than pleased with my work. Little did I know, that the fabulous ceramic team would doctor up my skull for me (no pun intended). When I came back to pick up my piece, I was pleasantly surprised to see a gorgeous little talisman. Since then I have been hooked. I am also a HUGE fan of layering gold necklaces, and I have been on the hunt for something that is dainty with a bit of an edge. When I came across this little skull necklace on, I immediately ordered it! It should arrive on Tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited!

Blame it on Kate Middleton!

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No, i’m completely kidding about the Kate Middleton thing-  I may singlehandedly be that girls biggest supporter.

Seriously, let’s talk about this!  They beat out NYC… that hurts,  we need to step our game up NY.  Our economy took a dump, Bieber cut his hair, my partner in crime over at weSTYLEny  thinks she’s a better blogger than me(ha!)… I mean, NY is just in a complete downward spiral that we need to snap out of.

Click below for the official story as released by Reuters: Full Story »

Today, we focus our attention on ‘Sloan’

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Emmanuelle Chriqui, AKA Sloan,  was brought into my world around the same time she popped up on everyone elses Celebrity radar. Season 1 of Entourage. I didn’t know she was 33 years old, she has a much younger face than that, and the way I read her personality she seems much more young and fun(no i’m not saying 33 is old, trust me, it’s right around the corner for me) I guess I pictured her in her middle 20′s.  But now that I know she’s 33, and watched a few more clips of her online,  I stand my ground-  this girl is in her prime and she’s working the hell out of her career.

Plenty of pictures after the click of Emmanuelle Chriqui carrying herself professionally and beautifully all across Hollywood Full Story »

AKA the Nike Air Mag

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Ahhh those were the days… Michael J. Fox racing all over town in Delorians, custom Nikes and Hover Boards.  That was when life was as simple as Mom setting you up in the living room with a Juicebox, a bowl of pretzels, and popping ‘Back to the Future’ into the VCR( remember those things?).   I remember it like it was yesterday,   Michael J Fox was my idol. So young and innocent, yet he handled that crazy grey haired scientists tests like it was his job…. and for his efforts?   20+ years later, Nike releases the same custom sneaks that graced the feet of Marty Mcfly back in ’85.

These are for our sneakerheads.  I won’t ever be able to get my hands on them because i’m sure they’ll be sold out within minutes, while i’ll still be stuck behind this computer screen slaving over the web to bring you the latest and greatest in our industry.   While I would never wear them in public personally, I stand behind the entire campaign Nike has put behind the release of this shoe.  This is the stuff I/we live for!

I foresee an impromptu Kanye/Jay-Z photo-op in our near future.  On their way out of a restaurant in NY somewhere;  crisp new jeans, fresh new T-shirt and some hard to get Marty Mcflys on their feet.

Wedge Sneakers

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OK, I’ll admit it, I am addicted to shoes! Every Tuesday (newly dubbed Shoesday) I will be imposing my shoe obsession on you. From the gorgeous to the grotesque you will catch a glimpse of the most fabulous and interesting shoes of the moment!

According to “The Sneaker is having a fashion moment.” Although I am usually not a sneaker girl (of the many many shoes I own, I only have 1 pair of sneakers, and they are my gym shoes.) I am kind of obsessed with these See by Chloe wedge sneakers. They’re cute, comfy, and I can think of a million different outfits that they would be perfect for!

J. Lo stuns on the September issue of InStyle!

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Jennifer Lopez looks gorgeous every time that she makes a public appearance, and she looks even more gorgeous as a cover girl! This month, the 43 year old entertainer graced the cover of InStyle’s much anticipated September issue. J. Lo looks classic and sexy in her black and red ensemble. If you think the cover is hot, wait until you read the issue that is due out on news stands on August 17!