The ladies of Battleship step out in style!

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Who knew that one of our fave childhood games would one day end up on the big screen? On April 11th, we will finally be able to check out Rihanna’s acting skills in the new movie Battleship. Rihanna and costar Brooklyn Decker were out and about promoting their movie in London yesterday, both looking stunning. Rihanna donned Alexander Wang while Brooklyn was wearing Britain’s Olympic  designer Stella McCartney. Which look do you prefer?

I bet you wouldn’t have guessed Tom Cruise!

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As if it is not strange enough to see Tom Cruise looking like a long haired, tattooed, creeper in his new move Rock of Ages, his bazaar character has somehow made it in the fashion industry.



I am quite perplexed as to why one of my favorite fashion bibles, W, has chosen Tom Cruise to cover their June issue. This definitely looks like it could be the cover of Entertainment weekly or Vanity Fair, but if it weren’t for the giant “W”, I would never have guessed this as the cover of W!



Maybe this is just a matter of personal opinion, but I just don’t get it. I do have a vendetta against Tom Cruise, but this is strange enough to give any fashionista nightmares. I mean, there isn’t even anything fashionable about the ladies on the cover. Anyway, what do you think about this? Is it just me or is this wrong on so many levels?

Princess Charlene of Monaco dons race car dress!

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Anyone who is into care racing would know that the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix car race took place in Monaco this weekend. To my surprise, Monaco’s very own Princess Charlene seems to me quite the race car fan herself!

Princess Charlene wore a race car printed Akris sheath dress to the event! I think she looks quite adorable, but I am not sure if I would be able to pull this off. Then again, I guess when you are a princess it is easier to make things work. Would you rock race car dress to a car race?

  PoP … “Champagne when you’re Thirstayyy!!!”

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So if Biggie … or Ne-Yo … or, my personal fave, Trey Songz can including champagne within there music why can’t I included it withhin my blog!!  Champagne definitely is not just concealed to Thursdays … one can definitely include the fizzing bubbly goodness for holidays (ie coming up, if not upon us), birthdays, and well anytime you feel like hearing that sound:POP!

So whether in socal, NYC, Miami  or Vegas make sure you make it rain with champagne!!!!!!!

… and in the words of Don ho:

Tiny bubbles,

in the wine.

Make me happy …

…make me feel fine!!!



Blake Lively shines bright in a lovely yellow Gucci gown!

Keywords: blake lively, gucci, savages

When it comes to fashion, this girl really can’t do nothing wrong. Once again, Blake Lively attended a premier of her new movie Savages looking drop dead gorgeous. I can’t even say she is so beautiful that everything looks great on her because she (or her stylist) really has a talent for putting looks together. This yellow Gucci gown looks amazing paired with her turquoise jewels, and her fishtail braid (Hey, weSTYLEny, can you teach us how to do one of those?!) was a great way to keep the look light and playful with touch of glam. I’m dying to see the movie to see if her acting skills are as good as her looks!

Mila Kunis goes 60′s glam for the new Dior campaign!

Keywords: mila kunis, christian dior, summer 2012 campaign

Mila Kunis is not just another pretty face in Hollywood; the girl’s got it all. She is extremely talented, absolutely hilarious, and totally drop-dead-gorgeous. It is no wonder that Dior chose Mila Kunis to front their Spring 2012 ad campaign. The lovely Ms. Kunis went for the 1960′s chic-look and pulls it off perfectly!

AKA the Nike Air Mag

Keyword: nike, back to the future, marty mcfly

Ahhh those were the days… Michael J. Fox racing all over town in Delorians, custom Nikes and Hover Boards.  That was when life was as simple as Mom setting you up in the living room with a Juicebox, a bowl of pretzels, and popping ‘Back to the Future’ into the VCR( remember those things?).   I remember it like it was yesterday,   Michael J Fox was my idol. So young and innocent, yet he handled that crazy grey haired scientists tests like it was his job…. and for his efforts?   20+ years later, Nike releases the same custom sneaks that graced the feet of Marty Mcfly back in ’85.

These are for our sneakerheads.  I won’t ever be able to get my hands on them because i’m sure they’ll be sold out within minutes, while i’ll still be stuck behind this computer screen slaving over the web to bring you the latest and greatest in our industry.   While I would never wear them in public personally, I stand behind the entire campaign Nike has put behind the release of this shoe.  This is the stuff I/we live for!

I foresee an impromptu Kanye/Jay-Z photo-op in our near future.  On their way out of a restaurant in NY somewhere;  crisp new jeans, fresh new T-shirt and some hard to get Marty Mcflys on their feet.