The first Great Gatsby trailer

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Talk about dapper fellows, Leonardo DiCaprio is going to play the ultimate Dapper Dan in the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby which will hit theaters this Christmas. I have been dying to see this trailer ever since I saw the first movie stills, and I am even more excited about the movie after watching this!

Art Deco was a huge trend shown on the Spring/Summer 2012 runways, and I am sure it will carry through until and after this movie is released. I am so excited to see the clothing throughout the film, the 1920′s is my favorite time period of fashion, and it will be fabulous to see the styles brought back to life on film. And by the way, the trailer starts off with music by Kanye, #winning. Can’t wait to see this movie!

…But the show was pushed back to next year?

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Last month, Banana Republic stores started selling Mad Men the capsule collection, which was supposed to coincide with the long-awaited return of Mad Men the television show on AMC.  Buuuuuuuuuut,  the season premiere was pushed back to next year- however, they went ahead with the launch of the 65 piece line for men and women(though more favoring the womens side of things as they only gave us guys a handful of items… stupid girls… always getting the good stuff)

Anyway, i’m not gonna beat a dead horse here.   It’s exactly what you would expect out of a Mad Men clothing line.  Old school classy, infused with modern slim-fits.


Pep up with a peplum!

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H&M, $99

What are your weekend plans? Whatever they are, you may want to grab this fab top from H&M to spruce up your outfit. Can you believe it’s only $99?! Talk about a cheap investment piece (is that an oxymoron?) Anyway, I am definitely running to H&M tomorrow to purchase this! I can’t wait to hear about your weekend looks!

Au revoir, enjoy your weekend!

Katie Holmes is set to make her New York Fashion Week debut!

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Katie Holmes is no stranger to fashion week, in fact, here she is seen sitting front row next to fashion major-leaguers Glenda Bailey, Victoria Beckham, and her stylist and business partner Jeanne Yang. In fact, you may or may not know that Katie Holmes actually has her own fashion line in which she works on with Yang.

Holmes & Yang was founded in 2009 and has sadly not gotten too much recognition. Now, after her split from Tom, Katie is ready to break out, and make her New York Fashion Week debut. We can’t wait to check out the presentation that the two will host in September!

Anne-Sophie Bion is the sole contender on my worst dressed list…

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The Oscar nominated editor of “The Artist”, Anne Sophie Bion, showed up yesterday evening looking…well…like a trash bag (literally like a trash bag, not in a Ke$ha way). Although there were a few other fashion failures last night, they all looked kind of pretty once I posted this picture next to them next to this. Maybe something was lost in translation, but I just don’t understand how anyone let her out of the house in this! #epicfail

Sacha Baron Cohen dressed as “The Dictator” at last night’s Academy Awards.

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Sacha Baron Cohen in John Galliano and Kmart socks 

Sacha Baron Cohen certainly drew attention to himself and his new movie, by dressing as the character from “The Dictator”. The funny-man decided to make even more of a scene by pretending to spill the ashes from Kim Jong-il all over Ryan Seacrest. It is rumored that after Sacha’s stunt he was banned from the show. We know that this guy has the “I do what I want” attitude, but do you think he took it too far this time?

Do these PRADA satchels resemble something?

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I am LOVING these new PRADA satchels, but they kind of look familiar…

Do you remember my obsession with the Cambridge satchel (pictured below)?

This is quite an unusual case, where a luxury brand takes inspiration from a more mass market brand, but hey, they are fab! I am actually no quite sure which satchel I like better, but there is definitely only one that I would be able to afford! Can you fathom spending on $1,595 on a bag that was inspired by a $150 bag? I can’t. The PRADA bags won’t be out until August, and will only be available in Asia and Europe.