Let’s be real here; jeans stretch

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For all the guys who are a size 36 that wear a 34.
For all the girls that are a size 6, and they wear a size 3.
Your efforts do not go unnoticed.  But please, don’t take it to the extreme like this guy below did:

what?  you think i’ve never been there?  Do you really think i’ve never unbuttoned the top button on the way from the restaurant?   or haven’t laughed with my female passenger when they jokingly unbuttoned the top button for the car ride to the club/event?

Are you really sitting there right now thinking that I don’t browse the jean aisles, and head to the dressing room with a variance of 3 jeans sizes in my cart?    psssssssshhhhhh!  Let me share my 3 rules of jeans: Full Story »

Necklaces you CAN’T eat!


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Celebrities are showing us their sweet tooth! Remember these necklaces?  I used to get them from the ice cream man. Then I’d wear it all day and slowly eat them one by one.  The down-fall= a sticky neck! Well now you can get the same look; keep your neck from getting sticky, AND keep the cavities from happening too. Woooohooo! Where do we recommend you get your candy necklace? Right here at KanDi World. Not only do they carry these sweet pieces of jewelry, but they also have cupcake inspired bikinis. I know it’s not bathing suit weather anymore, but who doesn’t love cupcakes?! Now I’m hungry!  Might have to go check out www.weEatny.com for some lunch ideas :)


14-year old girl changes the tune of Seventeen and their photoshopping habits!

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Your voice can make a difference. That’s what we have learned from 14-year-old Julia Bluhm, the brave teen who posted a petition on Change.org back in April, challenging Seventeen magazine to run non-photoshopped spreads that are relatable to real girls. After a petition of over 12,000 signatures, and a protest in front of the Hearst building (where Seventeen’s offices are), the magazine listened. Check out the “Body Peace Treaty” that Seventeen’s Editor in Chief, Ann Shoket published as part of her editor’s letter in the August issue. Julia’s next challenge? Teen Vogue. Her latest petition has already received more than 10,000 signatures and is growing by the minute!

These celebs reinforce that point

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Our friends over at weSTYLEny.com posted an article a couple weeks back about how this whole feather trend is big right now, so I thought it would be fun to google “celebrities in feathers” and see what turns up, and see how they’re being used to accessorize.

Kudos to our counterparts, this feather trend is in fact pretty hot right now, and has been for a while now.   Based on the calls I put out there to confirm this, it sounds as if the ‘feather trend’ is nowhere near over.

Figured I’d share my Google Image results. Some of you may have been on the edge about getting a feather done, so hopefully this puts you over the edge.   Although, the Steven Tyler picture may scare you far far away from it!
enjoy! Full Story »

Fashion guru Lauren Conrad goes topless on the May cover of Glamour.

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Around this time every month I look forward to the release of brand new glossies. While the inside of  my favorite magazines such as Glamour, InStyle, and Harper’ Bazaar are what I am looking forward to, it is always fun to see who is on the cover and what they are or (in this case) are not wearing.


Reality star turned fashion designer Lauren Conrad looks absolutely stunning on the cover of Glamour’s May issue. Young hollywood should take a lesson from this gal; if you are going to take it off, this is how it should be done. LC looks classy and adorable instead of provocative, the perfect look for a May issue!

SocialiteLife had a few exclusive pictures on their site that I thought everyone out there might enjoy.  What are your thoughts on LC’s cover look?

Summer shoes for dudes…mandals not permitted.

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Sperry Top-Sider, $90

Vans California Decon Chukka Sneakers, $70



We usually chat about women’s shoes on Shoesday, but summer shoes for men is something that definitely needs to be addressed. One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to mens fashion is mandals, just don’t do it! The only time that I think it is ok for men to wear sandals is when they are on or headed to the beach. In the mean time there are definitely some great, stylish, and comfortable summer shoes out there for men. These Sperry bat shoes and canvas Vans are a few of my summer faves for men. The best part is that both of these pairs retail for under $100!

Bejeweled by B Brian Atwood!

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Brian Atwood is no stranger to my Shoesday posts, but I do not post about B Brian Atwood shoes too often. The capsule collection by Brian Atwood himself offers a collection of way more affordable, fabulous shoes.

Although the B in B Brian Atwood does not stand for bejeweled, it definitely should in this case. I would take a crystal sole over a red sole any day, and these lovely pumps are more than half the price of the scarlet-soled Louboutins. Add these sparkly shoes to your summer shoe collection for $395!