Karl Lagerfeld launches Olympic-themed clothing line in Selfridges!

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Karl Lagerfeld is bringing high fashion to the Olympic games. On Tuesday, the king of Chanel launched a collection of Olympic-themed T-shirts for the UK-based department store, Selfridges. Mr. Lagerfeld teamed up with London design agency I Love Dust to create a line of tees featuring none other than himself . Although the collection launched on Tuesday, this teaser photo is still the only picture from the collection that was released. Will you be rockin’ Karl on your T in honor of the Olympic games?

Multi-season boots!

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Welcome back from the holiday weekend, I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful sun and that you had a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend! I know that you are wondering why I am posting about boots when it was 90 degrees yesterday here in NYC. Well the truth is that if you live in NY (and other fashion forward cities), it is completely normal to wear boots all year round, especially if they are as cool as these!

I have been on the hunt for combat/moto boots that I LOVE, and I think this is a fabulous cross between the two. You can find these All Saints boots at www.us.llsaints.com. Since we are not officially in summer yet, I am sure we will have a few less than sweltering days to come. On those days, try pairing boots like these with a pair of shorts, or cool, ultra-feminine dress or skirt for an edgy look! Come on, take a chance!

Kim Kardashian says YES to curves and NO to photoshop!

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I, like many others have a lot of negative things to say about Kim Kardashian, but there are a few things that I have to give to her. One is that she is drop dead gorgeous, and two is that her curves are an inspiration to all women, she sends out the message that you don’t need to be a size 0 to look fabulous! Yesterday, Kim tweeted this picture of herself saying ”Sunrise summertime shoot! ‪#nofilter‬ ‪#nophotoshop”.  Are you loving Kim’s beach bod as much as we are?!

Who do you think threw the towel in first?

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They used her name, and plastered her face all over the place,  but didn’t really make a huge splash, atleast not on my radar.  They’re clearly successful as the brand is well known,  but I’m not sure they got out of Audrina what they were hoping to get out of her,  in all honesty.   I think Audrina is a different kind of celebrity-  she’ll always turn heads, but I’m not quite sure I’m on board with the fact that she can put a face to a brand-  it takes a certain kind of woman to behold the power of brand recognition haha.

Don’t get me wrong-  Audrina if you’re reading this-  you absolutely murdered the clothing Ad shoots that have hit the net.  When it comes to celebrities in modeling, I think she’s got the number one body in the industry.

Last week she was at an event wearing a Sexy-Santa outfit, and this week she’s calling it quits on their relationship.   L.A. really is a 2-faced cut-throat town, huh?  craaaaaazzzyyyy

She’s gorgeous in a purple gown, or a purple bikini

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Miss USA is obviously all the rage on the internet right now,  and when you have a bikini body like this, the internet buzz is completely understandable.   Olivia Culpo definitely has my vote so far-  shes beautiful, professional, and most important- classy.


Let’s not get sidetracked-    her bathing suit- that’s why I posted this picture, I love it!

Loving Lanvin!

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I am by no means in the position to spend more than $100 on a pair of sandals, let alone over $1,000. That said, these Lanvin sandals are just something for me to dream about. I love the geometric pattern on the heel, the shape of the platform, the tri-colored straps, and well just about everything about these sandals. If I could in vest in one pair of pricey sandals for the summer they would definitely be these Lanvin’s. Can you guess the retail price on these?

High fashion at an affordable price!

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photo courtesy of the fabulous T Magazine 

Jason Wu for Target poplin dress, $40, and satchel, $50.

One thing that many people do not realize is how difficult it is too keep up with fashion trends in New York on an entry level salary in the fashion industry. So what is a broke fashionista to do?

What many of us do is stay on top of the best deals this money eating industry has to offer. Sample sales are a great way to work designer duds into your wardrobe without going broke, but who has the time? And if you do not live in New York or LA you are simply out of luck. So what is even better than sample sales?  Target collaborations of course!

Lucky for us, Jason Wu will be releasing his capsule collection for Target exactly one month from today. Let the countdown begin!