Rock jewelry is all the rage for Spring!

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Would you rock a rock ring? I am obsessed with these geological jewels from Shopbop! Shopbop has a beautiful variety of these rings by Adina Mills Design and Dara Ettinger with prices starting at $115. I am a huge fan of chunky jewelry and I think it would be super cool to mix and match these vibrant stones. Are you a fan of the rock ring?

Whaaaat in gods name is Rihanna wearing!?

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I don’t even know where to start here,  this is just awful in every sense of the word.  Were there no mirrors in her hotel room?  Did all of her friends leave their eyeballs at home when they saw her that morning?


And how about the lady standing next to her playing off the whole “ooh I’m looking for a cab” thing, meanwhile we all know where those eyes are directed.  Caught red handed shirted

I showed you the video, now here is a look into the exhibition!

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Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Head over to 18 Wooster Street to check out The Little Black Jacket exhibition. Hurry up though because it is only open until Sunday, June 15th!

I am definitely heading over there ASAP, I would love to see these photos in person! I love how such an iconic piece of artful clothing can be recreated into a new form of art. These pictures are from who was lucky enough to go to the opening, and even more lucky to see Karl in person! I LOVE this pic!


Setting laundry back 2,000 years

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The Laundry Pod is available in Spring 2011 according to their website.  Never heard of this thing before, then once I started Googling it tons of stuff popped up about it.  Sure is making a decent name for itself considering the thing hasn’t even hit shelves yet.   It’s exactly what it looks like;  a small plastic tub that you fill with soap and water, hand spin it for 3 minutes, filter some clean water, repeat the process and drain the water, spinning it dry for as long as your arm can handle it.

Cool idea- and I’m all for the going green thing.  I think the only market though is your small apartment dwellers. They mentioned Army, but how many Army environments have you seen that a little plastic tub will survive in?  Let’s be real here, that thing would have a steel-toe boot through the side of it before you could even dirty your shirt.


Pumps for everyone


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When you are tired of wearing your black pumps with every outfit, go nude! Nude pumps can be tied into any ensemble simply because they go with everything! They are especially great when matched to your skin tone and worn with some leg showing. Talk about giving height to us short girls out there. Nude heels will make the leg appear endless as they don’t cut you off at the ankle. Celebrities have certainly caught on to the trend. We say, bare it all, GO NUDE!

I’m kind of jealous of DVF for GapKids and babyGap….

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With St. Patty’s day weekend approaching, green is definitely on my mind, and while I was swooning over the mini-wrap dresses that were released yesterday at GapKids, I decided I needed to check out the adult versions. I am OBSESSED with this DVF wrap dress that I found at Shopbop, The colors are pure perfection, and it looks amazing on this model!

Katie Holmes is set to make her New York Fashion Week debut!

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Katie Holmes is no stranger to fashion week, in fact, here she is seen sitting front row next to fashion major-leaguers Glenda Bailey, Victoria Beckham, and her stylist and business partner Jeanne Yang. In fact, you may or may not know that Katie Holmes actually has her own fashion line in which she works on with Yang.

Holmes & Yang was founded in 2009 and has sadly not gotten too much recognition. Now, after her split from Tom, Katie is ready to break out, and make her New York Fashion Week debut. We can’t wait to check out the presentation that the two will host in September!