Norton & Townsend to release Fifty Shades of Grey collection!

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Why not capitalize on the latest novel phenomenon? It was only a matter of time before Fifty Shades of Grey started to make its way into the fashion industry. Norton & Townsend, an English tailoring company, has designed a 200-piece collection of grey suits inspired by the one and only erotic trilogy. For those of you who are trying to figure out how many shades one can actually come up with, we’ll give you a little head start. Some of the grey shades in this collection will include Gregarious Grey, Glamorous Grey, Grown-up Grey, Generous Grey, Guilty Pleasure Grey, and Gentle Grey. Now, doesn’t this make you want to go out and buy a grey suit?

Sacha Baron Cohen dressed as “The Dictator” at last night’s Academy Awards.

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Sacha Baron Cohen in John Galliano and Kmart socks 

Sacha Baron Cohen certainly drew attention to himself and his new movie, by dressing as the character from “The Dictator”. The funny-man decided to make even more of a scene by pretending to spill the ashes from Kim Jong-il all over Ryan Seacrest. It is rumored that after Sacha’s stunt he was banned from the show. We know that this guy has the “I do what I want” attitude, but do you think he took it too far this time?

DVF Writer’s Block

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If you haven’t seen this yet, the latest DVF collaboration with denim line Current/Elliot is absolutely gorgeous! This random psychedelic short film from the new fashion partners is extremely interesting and adorable. Not only does the film really show off the new collection, but there are quite a few random cameos. I am not really sure what Ray Liotta has to do with DVF or fashion at al but hey, I’ll take it! What are your thoughts on this silly little short?

The American Apparel warehouse sale has been extended….yet again…

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I promise this is the last time that I will post about this, but once again, the American Apparel warehouse sale has been extended. This time, there is no exact end date, sources are say that the sale will continue through at least February. So no need to hurry, you can grab your metallic spandex leggings and a** bearing bodysuits at discounted rates for at least another month! I’m starting to think the 766 Sixth Ave location will become a permanent American Apparel store.

Lea Michele sparkles at the Teen Choice Awards!

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I have to admit that I was unimpressed by the fashion choices at last night’s Teen Choice Awards. I know that it’s not an award show known for fashion, but hey…wouldn’t you try your best if you were on the pink carpet? While Lea Michele is usually hit or miss for me, I thought that she looked amazing last night! This picture does not do her Versace dress justice, because she shimmered, shined, and stole the show in her subtly sexy dress!

Mila Kunis goes 60′s glam for the new Dior campaign!

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Mila Kunis is not just another pretty face in Hollywood; the girl’s got it all. She is extremely talented, absolutely hilarious, and totally drop-dead-gorgeous. It is no wonder that Dior chose Mila Kunis to front their Spring 2012 ad campaign. The lovely Ms. Kunis went for the 1960′s chic-look and pulls it off perfectly!

Old Navy flip flops; a summer staple!

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I was finally able to head out to Fire Island this passed weekend for my first beach day of the year! I was scrambling, half asleep, at 8 am, when I realized I couldn’t find my flip flops.

Believe it or not, I was extremely upset that my $2.5o flip flops from Old Navy were missing.  Then it dawned on me, these silly little flip flops are truly a summer staple! There is no way that I would wear my nice sandals to the beach, so I always like to have these on hand. Not only are they comfortable and colorful, but they literally last forever. Go ahead and buy 4 pairs of these flops from old navy, you’ll only spend $10, and you’ll have a pair ready for the beach all summer long!