Spring trend; textured shoes!

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Loving these 3.1 Phillip Lim shoes from Shopbop! These adorable shoes are a light enough shade of blue to act as a neutral. You can wear these with almost any color and take them from day to night. Who knew such funky shoes could be so versatile?

What lurks behind the scenes?

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This broke a month back or so, so i’m not covering anything new here people-  but I am actually a real fan of the BBC line- I haven’t bought anything within the past year or so since my money unfortunately has to be spent on grownup things now like food, insurance and  rent… ugh.  But I did have a big BBC run when they first launched, and I must say, the quality lasts because every single t-shirt I bought is still in rotation, and looks like it was just pulled out of the package yesterday.

I was immediately drawn to the brand due to its outlandish designs, and its uniqueness.  They never became extremely popular, atleast not in the areas I hung out in, and I remember always getting excited when I see someone else in a piece of their clothing.

While clicking around today, I saved a few pieces that are definitely going on the wish-list    Full Story »

Muppets and Disney done slick

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Disney and Flud present this limited Mickey Mouse edition Exchange with sweeping hour and minute Mickey Mouse hands. Cool and classy, just like Mickey’s personality. Water Resistant to 3 ATM Materials: Stainless steel bezel with enamel finish. Interchangeable silicone straps. Size: 50MM

FLüD Watches did a collab with Disney featuring the Exchange, Re-exchange and Pantone watch models. The collection stays true to the FLüD aesthetics of “simply more” by having a Warhol-esque take on Animal. FLüD took their new holiday watch, the Pantone, and gave Kermit a similar treatment with his own piece, which came out pretty crazy!  Each of The Muppets watches comes with limited edition Muppets branded packaging and laser-engraved case. The watches retail for $60-$95 and are available at fludwatches.com.

I really hope I don’t ruin a good thing by posting this article.  My better half has been buying me FLüD Watches for about 2 years now, randomly on different occasions… and I love every single one of them.  Being a watch guy, I have an outfit hanging in my closet that’ll match almost anything you put on my wrist.   I love the conversations they start,  I love the judgement people draw when seeing some for the first time.   All in all,  I’m just a guy with enough of a Fashion sense to be able to wear almost any watch respectfully.


And I actually didn’t mind it at all

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How do I not start this post off with a picture of Neyo?   I mean the guy single-handedly brought back the fedora.  Every time I saw him in 2011 the guy had anew Fedora on.  Does he own a Fedora factory?  Does he own the patent to Fedoras?   Does he just really like Fedoras?  I  don’t know about all that, but I do know the guy can wear the hell out of one of these bad boys.

I feel as though the definition of a Fedora is loosely determined by any sort of hat on a celebrities hat that doesn’t have a Baseball logo on it.   Seriously, on my hunt for pictures, I saw every type of hat under the sun, and they were always referred to as Fedoras.     I had one friend who got into the Fedora thing,  he didn’t nail it like Neyo, but he most certainly did pull them off.

If you read my other post about the diamond stud earrings you’d know I didn’t even try to put one of these things on my head… no thank you, I’ll save myself the embarrassment and just write an article about it instead,  muuuuuuch safer on the sidelines.

Micaela Schaefer bares nearly all at the Men In Black 3 Premiere

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My My My, Micaela Schaefer, just when I thought I had seen it all, you show up on the Red Carpet wearing a Black garbage bag that your cat ripped to shreds.   I know you can’t see me right now,  but I’m shaking my head.


Yes you’re beautiful, yes you have an incredible body, yes you deserve to wear something that turns heads-  but have some class, and most of all, have some respect for yourself.



I’ll never knock a woman for flaunting her body,  when it’s done tastefully.    But showing up to a Hollywood Blockbuster Movie Premiere wearing something that covers less skin than a pair of ankle socks is just plain tasteless.  Of course she’s gonna be the hottest searched thing today on the internet, and the entire world is going to be talking about her for the rest of the week- but there can’t possibly be much long term good from a stunt like this.



After the dust settles, and the wow factor is gone, I’d like to think the tight purple stunner that Nicole Sherzinger wore to the premiere(which I featured in our pic of the day earlier) will go on to be commended more than this sad cry for attention.


Do it with class, not your ass!

Helmut Lang sample sale, up to 65% off!

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Are you obsessed with the mod-chic clothing from Helmut Lang? I know I certainly am, the problem is that I can NEVER afford it, that is unless they host a sample sale. Then I am able to maybe buy 1 or 2 staple pieces that I know will last me forever!

Head over to the Chelsea Market any day from now until Sunday to check out the fabulous sale. I am sure this is one sale you won’t want to miss! Who can say no to 70% off of Helmut Lang? I certainly can’t even if it means I can’t eat for a week!


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We sure owe a lot to our founding fathers, but when most of us think of President’s Day one word comes to mind; SALE! From clothing and furniture to electronics and food, every market out there is running a major sale! In my opinion, the sales that you MUST check out are those of the major department stores. Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are both running HUGE sales through the end of today! If you can’t make it to the store today check our Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s online. Happy shopping!