Kim’s outfit from a party during Cannes sure looks familiar…

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Kim looked gorgeous in this Emilio Pucci number during one of P. Diddy’s parties at Cannes this week, but this outfit sure does look familiar….

Gwyneth Paltrow wore this same exact ensemble to the Emmys last September. This outfit landed Gwynny on a number of best dressed lists, and I am sure Kim wasn’t oblivious to this. So we know that Kim is a Kopycat, but the real question is who wore it best? I personally think Kim’s curves brought a new life to the look, who do you think wore it better?

Seriously, what’s with their wardrobes over there?

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uhhhhhhhhhh is anyone else sensing a pattern here?  And i’m not talking about the phones.

Apple finally released word that on Tuesday, Oct. 4, newly appointed CEO Tim Cook will make his first lengthy public appearance to unveil the upcoming iPhone 5. Quickly, i’ll just say that I am first in line for the iphone 5, I have been a Blackberry and Droid user for the past 4 years and I’m finally making the switch. I’m ecstatic about the news and anxious to hear what else is discussed.

With that being said- let’s talk about Fashion!    Seriously, am I the only one who read this news and instantly thought “oh my god, Tim Cook wears almost the same exact outfits that Steve Jobs did.  Old school classic jeans, (optional) belt, and some sort of dark colored shirt on top.   One of the most profitable companies in the world, and they send their CEO’s out on stage dressed like they’re working behind the scenes at some high  school theatre performance.

Don’t worry Tim, don’t worry Steve, you’re allowed to dress up nicely when you are presenting the world with a product they have been begging for.  I am all for keeping it neat and conservative, but come on guys, atleast throw a little color in there to let me know you’re alive!

Now, give us an iPhone 5 … NOW!!!  We have been waiting foreeeeever.  My Blackberry freezes and resets itself like 14 times a day for no reason and I can’t take it anymore!

Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart are the fairest of them all on the cover of Interview!

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Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron have been quite the popular cover girls for  June glossies! This is the June/July cover of Interview, and I think it is one of my all time favorite covers! Both ladies look flawless, and this definitely makes me want to see their much anticipated movie, Snow White and the Huntsman!

From Choo’s to Nike’s!

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Kristen Stewart was a vision yesterday the UK premiere of Snow White and the Huntsmen. Her Marchesa gown, hot off the runway, was a great look for her, combining her tomboy edge with sheer elegance.

Although her Jimmy Choo suede pumps looking fabulous with her gown, it looks like Kristen didn’t last very long in them. By the end of the event, Kristen was prancing around in her couture gown wearing…..Nike Trainers. She may be a stylists nightmare, but at least she’s original! Props to Kristen for staying true to herself!

These celebs reinforce that point

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Our friends over at posted an article a couple weeks back about how this whole feather trend is big right now, so I thought it would be fun to google “celebrities in feathers” and see what turns up, and see how they’re being used to accessorize.

Kudos to our counterparts, this feather trend is in fact pretty hot right now, and has been for a while now.   Based on the calls I put out there to confirm this, it sounds as if the ‘feather trend’ is nowhere near over.

Figured I’d share my Google Image results. Some of you may have been on the edge about getting a feather done, so hopefully this puts you over the edge.   Although, the Steven Tyler picture may scare you far far away from it!
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I think I might have to splurge and pick up a pair

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These have been out for a few months now, and I have seen hundreds of pairs walking down the street.  At first,  they were more of a “wow factor” for me.  I thought they were cool, they came in attractive colors, and they looked comfy as heck.  But still, I never actually went out and invested in a pair for myself,  I was never sold to that extent.

However, lately, I have been working out a bit more, and as the weather changes, that shifts my treadmill running- to outdoor running because Fall is just my time of year.   Everything is changing color, theres an awesome breeze, and whatever is blowing through the air just gives me a sense of energy while running (let’s be honest, we all know how much fun running on a treadmill isn’t).    My only hang up here is…. I don’t know what color to get.

The reviews that I’ve heard are nothing  but positive.  People absolutely love them and say they have helped the daily stresses on their back tremendously, something I was hoping not to worry about until I was atleast 40 haha.

Anyway, I’ll be browsing the aisles of my local mall and shoe stores to try and find the pair that suits me.   I must say though, this black/cyan combo looks pretty sweet… and I do have a watch or 3 that matches! haha

Zac Efron looks hotter than ever in the John John Denim ad campaign!

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That DEFINITELY doesn’t look like the same guy who was on High School Musical a few years ago! MAJOR hottie, Zac Efron, is the new face of John John Denim, and he’s lighting the campaign on fire!

When did the tap dancing teen get so buff? Oh yeah, the clothes look awesome too! What do you think of the sexy new Zefron?