“She’s totally a Miranda!”

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This hits way too close to home, and is absolutely HYSTERICAL! Enjoy!

Is it just me, or does Tobey not fit?

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Back in June it became public that Tobey Maguire was the new face of Prada.   Before I really get into this, I want to clear one thing up:  I like Tobey Maguire.  I think he was perfect for the spiderman role, I think he conducts himself well in the spotlight, and I have no problems with him as an actor/celebrity.

But I’m struggling with the Prada thing.   Maybe it’s just me, but I always associated Tobey Maguire with one thing….and associated Prada with the 100% complete opposite.   From the selling point; I think the photographers did a great job capturing Tobeys dark/Prada side, but I don’t think Tobey was the right choice.   He just doesn’t ooze Prada to me.

If you wanted to go out on a stretch,  I see the black evil spiderman 3 dude as the Prada face…. But Tobey had a mask on almost the entire time, so I guess that doesn’t say much huh?
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Red carpet F-ups!

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They may make good music, but I wouldn’t know these guys if I tripped over them, and judging by their outfits, I am quite happy about that! I understand they are trying to be funny or something, but they should just stop.

Sorry Julianne, sometimes you get right, and sometimes you get it so, so wrong. This dress is so gross that it almost makes the feety pajamas look good. Well not really, but at least they were trying to be weird, this looks like you are simply trying too hard. Better luck next time girly!

Natalie Portman and husband Benjamin Millepied were back in black at the New York City Ballet Gala!

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We all remember the dramatic role that Natalie Portman played as the Black Swan herself in the infamous Black Swan movie. Not only was this an Oscar worthy role for Natalie, but it was on that set where she met her husband, dancer Benjamin Millepied.

Last night, the couple went back to Lincoln Center where it all started. Natalie looked stunning in her black gown, even if she wasn’t the prima ballerina.

Buckle up; colorful belts are a great way to brighten up your winter blues!

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As I mentioned yesterday, primary colors are going to be HUGE for Fall, but we also know that brights will be HUGE for Spring. These J. Crew belts are an amazing way to flawlessly paint your way from Spring to Fall in style. The fab leather belts retail for only $39.50, and are certain to become a staple in your wardrobe! Check out the other color-ways here!

Meadham Kirchhoff

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Photos courtesy of Style.com 

The Meadham Kirchhoff show on Tuesday was chock full of psychedelic sequins, fur, and prints fit for  Club Kids, alla Party Monster. I am all about the avant-garde shows this season, and this happens to be one of my faves so far. The best part about this collection is that when the pieces are separated, many of them are actually wearable. What are your thoughts on this crazy collection?

Lea Michele sparkles at the Teen Choice Awards!

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I have to admit that I was unimpressed by the fashion choices at last night’s Teen Choice Awards. I know that it’s not an award show known for fashion, but hey…wouldn’t you try your best if you were on the pink carpet? While Lea Michele is usually hit or miss for me, I thought that she looked amazing last night! This picture does not do her Versace dress justice, because she shimmered, shined, and stole the show in her subtly sexy dress!