Katy Perry poses with her hot date

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Katy Perry showed up to the Billboard Music Awards with her Grandmother as her date, how cute is that?   Katy tweeted earlier in the day, telling the world that her date was hotter than Las Vegas weather-   then showed up with her grandma, Ann Hudson.    This must be such an amazing experience for her grandma to experience a day in the life on the red carpet

Are “jelly” shoes making a comeback?

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Remember these???

Forever 21, $19.80

Bloomingdales, $250

Hold onto your snap bracelets and pogs, I am pretty sure we are flashing back to the 90′s! Remember your clear jelly shoes with glitter in them and that horrible heel like the first pair pictured? Well thank goodness someone has decided to at least update jelly shoes before bringing them back! I think these Forever 21 studded jellies and the flower adorned Missoni jellies are definitely an upgrade from the ones that I was wearing when I was 5 years old! I am not sure that I would drop $250 on a pair no matter how much I love Missoni, but I would totally spring for a cheap pair. Will you be bringing jellies back this spring?

If worn correctly, you can make a hell of a statement

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There are a good handful colors available out there today,  and like I said in the subject line…. if you can pull them off correctly-  these jeans are definitely going to make a statement.  They could be worn fun, sexy, classy… eh not so much,  But you can certain get multiple uses out of a pair, and worst case scenario, they become fun work jeans for when you and the bf are repainting the kitchen.


I know she has her haters… But is Victoria Beckham not absolutely KILLING these jeans right now? You find me a sexier pair of legs in skinny blues and i’ll tell you it’s photo-shopped haha.

Helmut Lang sample sale, up to 65% off!

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Are you obsessed with the mod-chic clothing from Helmut Lang? I know I certainly am, the problem is that I can NEVER afford it, that is unless they host a sample sale. Then I am able to maybe buy 1 or 2 staple pieces that I know will last me forever!

Head over to the Chelsea Market any day from now until Sunday to check out the fabulous sale. I am sure this is one sale you won’t want to miss! Who can say no to 70% off of Helmut Lang? I certainly can’t even if it means I can’t eat for a week!

The Hollywood Reporter names this years 25 most powerful stylists!

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Stylist Leslie Fremar and Charlize Theron

Stylist Jeane Yang and Katie Holmes

The Hollywood Reporter recently released their annual “25 Most Powerful Stylist” list. I love when this list comes out each year because credit is finally given where it is due. You always hear about what starlets are wearing as they stroll along the red carpet, but unless you are an industry insider, you seldom hear about the brains behind the operation.  Here are the top 10, check out the entire list here!

1. Kate Young
2. Leslie Fremar
3. Petra Flannery
4. Elizabeth Stewart
5. Kemal Harris and Karla Welch
6. Jen Rade
7. Ryan Hastings
8. Samantha McMillen
9. Deb Waknin
10. Christina Ehrlich


Sofia Vergara stuns once again

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How does she do it? How does she always look so good, all the time!?   I mean, I know she has a team of hair and makeup artists, style specialists, an unlimited shopping budget, a closet the size of a house, celebrity endorsements, a personal chef, a personal trainer etc….  oooh, I get it… that’s how she does it.


Sofia Vergara, top 3 classiest women in Hollywood right now, no butts about it.  LOVE her!

Spots spotted on 57th Street!

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57th street and 5th avenue was seeing spots on Tuesday. I mentioned this fabulous collaboration launch yesterday, but I had no idea the store would be so spotted! Check out this images from the launch!

In a polka dot fashion, artist Yayoi Kusama showed up decked out in her own designs and covered in spots, literally from head to toe! I don’t know about you, but my goal this week is to check out the store, will you be there?