Norton & Townsend to release Fifty Shades of Grey collection!

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Why not capitalize on the latest novel phenomenon? It was only a matter of time before Fifty Shades of Grey started to make its way into the fashion industry. Norton & Townsend, an English tailoring company, has designed a 200-piece collection of grey suits inspired by the one and only erotic trilogy. For those of you who are trying to figure out how many shades one can actually come up with, we’ll give you a little head start. Some of the grey shades in this collection will include Gregarious Grey, Glamorous Grey, Grown-up Grey, Generous Grey, Guilty Pleasure Grey, and Gentle Grey. Now, doesn’t this make you want to go out and buy a grey suit? is incredibly offensive, tacky, and insensitive!

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On Friday, posted an extremely insensitive Tweet, using the Aurora, Colorado massacre as a way to sell dresses. Although this was probably unintentional, the tweet was posted 12 hours after the heart-wrenching occurrence. Speaking from PR experience, it is extremely important to have your facts straight before sharing anything with the public, and this is even more so important now that news is constantly being fed to us, by the minute.

I hope that the apologies tweeted by are sincere, and that we all have learned from their insensitivity. Our hearts go out to the victims and the families of those who were taken from us in this tragic event. Think before you speak, tweet, or blog!

Miss Wu; The Jane Birkin inspired collection from Jason Wu!

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After a successful collaboration with Target earlier this year, Jason Wu has decided to  collaborate with Nordstrom to create a new contemporary collection: Miss Wu. The first collection for spring 2013, will consist of 40 pieces, ranging in price from $195 to $795.

The collection is inspired by Jane Birkin and will consist of luxury materials such as leather, fine embroidery, and luxurious silks. If all goes as planned, Mr. Wu is looking to add accessories to the collection by 2014!  According to Wu, “I always see Jason Wu [the collection] as my aesthetic, my design sensibility. Miss Wu is my personality. It was really fun to explore that facet of who I am — slightly more downtown, and with a more relaxed attitude.”

Marion Cotillard fashionably rises to the occasion at The Dark Knight Rises premier in London!

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French beauty, Marion Cotillard really knows how to work the red carpet. Take a look at her Christian Dior ensemble from Wednesday nights premier of The Dark Knight Rises in London!

I love how she threw in pops of red to her black, white, and orange ensemble, not to mention that her hair is pure perfection! This girl is one classy lady with a modern sense of style!

Vera Wang to divorce husband of 23 years!

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After 23 years of marriage, news broke recently that Vera Wang and her husband Arthur Becker have filed for a divorce. Mario Grauso, the president of Vera Wang’s company, released a statement saying, “Vera Wang and Arthur Becker have mutually and amicably agreed to separate. They remain devoted parents to their two daughters.”

There are so many ironic things about this story, I am not even sure where to start! Were the black wedding dresses in her recent collection foreshadowing her disintegrating marriage? Why does it seem like every celeb bride who wears a dress by Vera ends up divorced (Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey)?! Maybe bridal isn’t her thing after all!

…to make an H&M ad look this sexy!

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YouTube sensation Lana Del Ray has not only been making waves in the music industry this past year, but she has become quite the muse in the fashion industry. Here is the eclectic beauty, looking fabulous in the fall campaign for H&M!

One of the great things about Lana is that she represents fashion for what it should really be about: one’s own, personalized sense of style. While I too am guilty for dreaming of having closets full of Louboutins and Chanel jackets, fashion is not just about labels. When you are able to dress to the 9′s for $20 or $2,000 is when you know you really get fashion. Lana has dabbled in the luxury market (Mulberry has even created a bag inspired by her!), but it is great to see she can rock a sweater that probably costs $30 and make it look like a million bucks! Something tells me Lana is here to stay in the fashion industry, even if she can’t sing well on live TV!

DJ Tiesto to create a capsule collection for Guess!

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It’s no secret that a huge part of pop culture these days is the electronic music lifestyle, and as with every pop culture phenomenon come new fashion trends.

One of the biggest names in electronic music, DJ Tiesto, will be coming out with a capsule collection for GUESS this October, which will be available in Macy’s. The 22-piece collection will be completely inspired by the electronic music, and will retail between $32 to $368.