Eugenia Kim sample sale!

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I am a huge fan of hats, no matter what season it is, and luck for us, acclaimed hat designer Eugenia Kim makes hats all year long! Even luckier for us? We have until tomorrow to grab these hats that are more than 50% off!

Head over to 47 W 36th St., suite 501 to find hats as low as $45. You are sure to find everything from hats that are city sleek to beach chic.

The official dates of the Barney’s New York Warehouse Sale!

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February 16th is right around the corner, so start saving up! The official dates of the Barney’s New York Warehouse Sale are from February 16th through February 25th. My advice? Get there ASAP so you don’t miss the good stuff! Happy shopping!!!

Pint size fashion blogger, Tavi Gevinson, talks Fashion Week, her “younger years” and her style!

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Love this girl, she is wise far beyond her years! Check out her Style Rookie blog!

Well, Naysayers, I present to you: Zac Efron in Cannes

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You want me to cover some Mens Fashion every now and again?  Fine!      Go grab a pen, a pad, and a few drool cups and take notes from Zac Efron.  Perfection.  Suits are by no means hard to pull off,  but it takes a certain level of skill and style in order to stand out in a crowd of suits.    Let me highlight the essentials:


1. Modern-Fit cut shirts, an absolute must.  The baggy collar/sleeve/midsection in shirts went out 5 years ago.

2. Custom-fit suit.   You can’t buy this off the shelf unfortunately, but when you spend the extra couple of bucks getting a suit custom tailored, everyone in the room will notice.

3. Pick the right tie.  Zac Efron has pulled the skinny tie look off countless times, and he nails it once again.

4. Pocket Square.   Not for everyone, but for those that choose to try it, make sure you do it right.



I love a man in a suit,  I’m pretty sure any girl out there would agree.  But there is nothing worse than an unguided mans attempt at throwing on a suit and thinking he looks like a million bucks Zac Efron.


One more for good measure:


What?  I couldn’t publish this post without hitting you guys with the Matthew McConaughey/Zac Efron 1-2 combo.   Is anyone complaining?

Urban Outfitters is under scrutiny from Congress for Irish-themed St. Patrick’s day memorabilia.

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“Irish I Were Drink” and “I’m Drunk, Or Irish, Or Whatever” are a few of the quotes on the Irish-themed memorabilia at Urban Outfitters. While many customers view these as cute loot for St. Patty’s Day, members of congress are finding these quotes extremely offensive. According to abc News, 10 members of Congress have written letters to Urban Outfitters, encouraging to terminate the sale of these items, as one representative stated ”By selling and promoting these items, Urban Outfitters is only fueling stereotypes that many Irish-Americans, as well as the people or Ireland, work so hard to dispel.” Urban Outfitters have not responded to this attack and have continued to sell their items regardless of the congressional letters. What are your feelings on the St. Patricks Dat gear at Urban Outfitters? Fun and games, or offensive? Visit Urban Outfitters to check out some of the products for yourself.

Add a pop of color to your gloomy winter wardrobe with these fabulous friendship bracelets!

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You can find these bracelets by Mono & Me for $20 each.

Mono & Me is a small company based in Barcelona with one big idea. These friendship bracelets seem to have taken the fashion world by storm. Wannabe Fashion guru Kanye West was pictured in the fashion trade publication Women’s Wear Daily wearing the red bracelet.

These are so much fun because they can be layered in the same or a variety of colors or with other bracelets, bangles, or even watches. One of my favorite bloggers The Man Repeller refers to this as an “Arm Party”. So order a few for yourself or your friends (they are called friendship bracelets) and join the party!

According to Singer 22 the colors of the bracelets each have a meaning:

Red – passion, sensitivity, love

Blue – harmony, friendship, devotion

Green – hope, balance, youth

Yellow – enjoyment, creativity, rich life

Pink – kindness, sensitivity, pleasure

Orange – party, pleasure, happiness

White – innocent, harmony, serenity

Black – nobility, fidelity, seriousness


Jeremy Scott’s latest sneaker collaboration with Adidas causes major controversy.

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These unique looking sneakers are the latest Jeremy Scott for Adidas Roundhouse Mid “Handcuff” sneakers. While controversy may not be the first thing that comes to mind for you when looking at them, it has been for many civil rights activists, including Reverend Jesse Jackson. The main problem with the shoes, is that people are claiming that the design of these shoes is linked to slavery.


Interesting enough, the inspiration of these shoes has absolutely nothing to do with slavery. The shoes were actually designed with the “My Pet Monster” toy in mind. If you take a look at Jeremy Scotts collaborations with Adidas, they were based off of panda heads and Mickey Mouse. I understand why some people may be offended, however it seems like the situation was taken out of context. Now that we know the real origin of the shoes, what are your thought on these kicks?