The Heidi blog delivers again

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Style expert Petra Flannery, who guest writes over on Heidu Klums blog,  shows us some great options for the ladies to wear to wedding receptions and other like events.  A girl who knows how to work the room in a hot cocktail dress. As Petra points out, they’re also a great addition to add to the party bus heading over to the reception hall.  Pictures, Hors D’ourves, meet and greet, grand entrance,  then slip out of that big poofy wedding gown, and into something a little more comfortable so you can burn up the dance floor with your guests!

Looking great doesn’t have to cost a fortune on the special day, take a look below at the rest of the picks:  Full Story »

Prom Season is here!  Don’t forget to roll out the blue carpet!

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My only criticism with this picture is that I feel like maybe the white ski goggles should have been blue, to help liven the outfit up a little bit.  Everything else looks great.  Job really, really, really well done.

Weekend sample sale, shop till you drop!

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Looking for some good shopping for the weekend? Look no further! Head down to Bit + Piece at 246 Mott St., between Houston and Prince for up to 90 percent off of fab designer duds, including Theory, Elie Tahari, Cynthia Vincent. Nothing like a good sample sale to kick off your weekend!

Cute and comfy; platform wedges

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The colorblocking trend is definitely here to stay, so why not invest in some fab trendy shoes? I love the blue on these platform wedges and I can just imagine how comfy they are to walk in! Find them at for $230!

Kim Kardashian rocks leather sweatpants while jet setting!

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Most people are concerned about comfort when flying, but that seemed to be the last thing on Kim Kardashian’s mind while jet setting on Tuesday. The reality star tweeted this picture of her airport style, wearing leather Celine sweatpants.  While the pants are quite heinous, the $6,000 Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West shoes that Kim is wearing are definitely the worst part of the outfit. What do you think of Kim’s travel style?

Aaaahhh!!  She infuriates me so much!

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I purposely haven’t covered anything this girl has done in the past, simply because I literally despise everything she stands for.    She is famous for dressing like a slut and marrying some creepy old guy.  And believe me, I use the term ‘famous’ very loosely here.  Here she is,  Courtney Stodden, dressed in the absolutely most ridiculous outfit she could get her hands on, while shopping with her mother.



I hate to break the news to you darling, but if you were going to make it big time, it would have happened already.  Your staged photoshoots around paparazzi, your ridiculous outfits to do everyday things like going shopping with your mom, and your bogus marriage to that creepy 51 year old guy you’re supposedly madly in love with.



All the time pictures are popping up of this sloppy mess dressed in next to nothing, desperately trying to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame in any way possible.


I’m no Hollywood agent, but I’m pretty sure if you were getting a reality show or any other ridiculous opportunity, it would have happened already.  Hollywood jumps on this stuff immediately and makes their money before people even have a chance to blink… you my dear, have been around for too long, sitting stagnant, physically aging at a rate 10x faster than any other 17 year old girl on earth.


Have a fashionable Independence Day!!

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Vogue Spain, April 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Have fun, be safe, and rock your flag swag! Check back tomorrow for more fabulous posts!