I wonder how this guy managed to get his own double seat on a crowded bus

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I’m not sure what city this unique individual rides mass transit in-  but I can assure you that if you’ve ever worked in Manhattan, we have some whackos out there just like this guy.  There are tons of pros and cons to working in Manhattan,  but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see something that leaves me completely in awe.

Vera Wang to divorce husband of 23 years!

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After 23 years of marriage, news broke recently that Vera Wang and her husband Arthur Becker have filed for a divorce. Mario Grauso, the president of Vera Wang’s company, released a statement saying, “Vera Wang and Arthur Becker have mutually and amicably agreed to separate. They remain devoted parents to their two daughters.”

There are so many ironic things about this story, I am not even sure where to start! Were the black wedding dresses in her recent collection foreshadowing her disintegrating marriage? Why does it seem like every celeb bride who wears a dress by Vera ends up divorced (Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey)?! Maybe bridal isn’t her thing after all!

The Million Dollar Shoes make a comeback!

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This year, Stuart Weitzman’s “Million Dollar Shoes” are making a comeback, just in time for the Oscars. The diamond encrusted shoes are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year. If you want the look for less you will be able to buy replicas of the infamous shoes from Stuart Weitzman boutiques this month, that are covered in Swarovski instead of diamonds. I am personally not a huge fan of this style, and I would not even buy them if I was a billionaire. What do you think of the Million Dollar Shoes?

I must learn to fold my shirts like this!

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The funniest part is that there was an English version of this t-shirt folding video right underneath this one… but how much more challenging is it when it’s in another language, am I wrong?  Now you actually need to pay attention and learn what to do, where as the American chik would just tell you and you wouldn’t learn anything.

Do you see those corners? We’re talking perfect 90 degree right angles here people.  You don’t get those types of corners without practice.

Loafer heels… Really??

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I happen to think I keep a very open mind when it comes to Fashion.  I write about alot of stuff I would never wear, I don’t write about alot of the stuff I do wear.  I commend people for wearing things that aren’t necessarily my style, and I’ll gladly give credit where credit is due.    But,   what the heck are these things?  Where do you ladies wear them?  Who wears them?   Do you get paid to wear them?  Are they comfortable?  Maybe I’m just missing something here.  Loafer heels just sailed straight over my head

J. Crew goes nautical!

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Nothing says nautical like some navy and white stripes! I am currently obsessing over these adorable pumps from J. Crew. You can start on your sailor week here for $258. Fleet week anyone?

Hey TECH GUYS!  fix this

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I hate that I’m helpless in all this Web Designer/code/wired in/site building mumbo jumbo.  They hired me to write, but man I wish I was able to edit and fix my own site, not have to send it to the “Tech guys” and have to wait for them fix it.


The header of my article is all squished together- I didn’t touch anything I swear!   Fix it please