CelebBoutique.com is incredibly offensive, tacky, and insensitive!

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On Friday, CelebBoutique.com posted an extremely insensitive Tweet, using the Aurora, Colorado massacre as a way to sell dresses. Although this was probably unintentional, the tweet was posted 12 hours after the heart-wrenching occurrence. Speaking from PR experience, it is extremely important to have your facts straight before sharing anything with the public, and this is even more so important now that news is constantly being fed to us, by the minute.

I hope that the apologies tweeted by CelebBoutique.com are sincere, and that we all have learned from their insensitivity. Our hearts go out to the victims and the families of those who were taken from us in this tragic event. Think before you speak, tweet, or blog!

FabSugar brings us the hottest trends from the Spring 2013 bridal runways!

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I have been in major wedding mode for the past 2 weeks since my sister got engaged, and I am already starting to see the wedding madness to unfold.

Vera Wang

Oscar del la Renta


Whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid, or just a wedding attendee, there are all sorts of stresses that come along with wedding season. As if it is not already tough enough to pick out the perfect wedding dress, the bridal industry is already planning for Spring 2013 (YIKES!). FabSugar was kind enough to round up the hottest trends from Spring 2013 Bridal Fashion Week for us in this short and sweet video. So man y beautiful options!!!

We love Sofias new line!!!

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That’s the tag line attached to Sofia Vergaras new clothing line available now at Kmart.  I like Sofia alot, and watch Modern Family religiously every week. I don’t want that to make my decision biased here by any means.   Celebrities come out with their own clothing lines all the time-  And with most of them, it seems as if they’re just taking the check and have no say in anything.  Whereas, Sofias clothing line here seriously looks and feels like it is right out of her own closet.    Take a look at a ton of pictures on the next page that we collected for you guys compliments of Kmart.com

Fun, Fashionable, sexy, and marketed to beautiful of all shapes and sizes! Our friends over at weSTYLEny posted a good article on Sofia a couple weeks back check it out here  if you’re a Sofia fan check it out here Full Story »

25% off final sale items!

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The only thing that is more exciting than a sale is when items that are already on sale go on sale (a mouthful, isn’t it?!). I absolutely LOVE J. Crew, but most of the time it is not in my budget to shop there. Every once in a while they have an amazing sale that I simply can not resist. Go to jcrew.com to check out some of the fabulous sale items they have, and don’t forget to put in the code SHOPNOW at checkout to take an additional 25%.

Happy shopping!

Sparkles take center stage at the 2012 Grammy Awards!

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As seen with many of the ladies on my best dressed list, the trend of the evening was glitter galore! From rhinestones and beads, to sequins in all shapes and sizes, the red carpet was gleaming sparkling stars. Although these ladies did not make my best dressed list, they are still shining bright!

Kim’s outfit from a party during Cannes sure looks familiar…

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Kim looked gorgeous in this Emilio Pucci number during one of P. Diddy’s parties at Cannes this week, but this outfit sure does look familiar….

Gwyneth Paltrow wore this same exact ensemble to the Emmys last September. This outfit landed Gwynny on a number of best dressed lists, and I am sure Kim wasn’t oblivious to this. So we know that Kim is a Kopycat, but the real question is who wore it best? I personally think Kim’s curves brought a new life to the look, who do you think wore it better?

Temporary Dior Homme store opens on Green Street!

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Thank you Racked readers for tipping them off to the fact that Dior just opened a mens store at 133 Greene street. Apparently the Dior Homme on East 57th street is closed for renovations and the Green Street location will remain open until renovations are complete.

Head over to Racked for their view on the new Dior store!  Based on what I read, it looks like business as usual for Dior-  your typical sterile/contemporary shopping environment, attractive sales people, and racks on racks of clothes and accessories.