Rain-Boot champions of the woooooooooooorld!

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I mean seriously, I’m not even gonna put alot into this article cause I just spent way too much time putting those stupid boot trophies on the Burberry logo haha.   Burberry has like 20 different pair of rain boots out for those sloppy, slushy and rainy days.    They may not be my most favorite Fashion statement, but I definitely get it.  Feet stay 100% bone dry and comfortable.  Layer up on the socks and you got yourself a waterproof, more fashionable UGG here folks

The ladies of Battleship step out in style!

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Who knew that one of our fave childhood games would one day end up on the big screen? On April 11th, we will finally be able to check out Rihanna’s acting skills in the new movie Battleship. Rihanna and costar Brooklyn Decker were out and about promoting their movie in London yesterday, both looking stunning. Rihanna donned Alexander Wang while Brooklyn was wearing Britain’s Olympic  designer Stella McCartney. Which look do you prefer?

Who let them out like this?!?

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Thankfully there were not too many fashion failures at the Globes this year, but there were  definitely a few. These ladies missed the mark, maybe they need to hire new stylists…

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Monique Lullier 

Amanda Peet in Marc Jacobs 

Missi Pyle 

Russell Westbrook is a Ninja Turtle

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Last week, I did an article on the NBA Fashion that has been so loudly talked about during the NBA Playoffs.   One of the players I included in the article was a guy named Russell Westbrook, who can be seen pictured above… paired up with a Ninja Turtle.


Maybe they don’t look identical, but you have to admit, the hipster glasses certainly do resemble the headband worn by Rafael the Ninja Turtle.

Johnny Depp receives the Generation Award

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It seems like I have been hearing more and more as of late, what a rock star Johnny Depp truly is. He is a man of many talents, and and his performance that the MTV Movie Awards publicly showcased his mean guitar skills with the  weirdos in the fetty pajamas Black Keys.

As always, Johnny looked fabulous in his sexy, stylish rolled up sleeves, striped best, and oversized fedora.

Women have beautiful kneecaps

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Alright look, I’ll admit it.  I’m a male Fashion Blogger.  Love girls, respect mens fashion. Know my place, know when to speak my voice, and I know when to bite my tongue.    I couldn’t help but bring this to the table:   A recent article clipping in a “style” magazine left me scratching my head…  The author was helping women choose their friendly and flirty outfits for the summer, and made it a very direct point that states  “Men love skirts above the knee because it accentuates the thinnest part of your leg, and draws their eyes to the sexual element that is the knee”

I’m sorry, what? the knee cap?  did you say the knee cap? as in that ball of skeletal structure that we use to walk?     Yea…. okay ladies let me do the honors here: Full Story »

Harper Beckham makes Company magazine’s “10 New Faces of Fashion”

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Usually we don’t look at infants as fashion icons…unless of course  you are the child of a fashion powerhouse like Victoria Beckham. Harper Seven takes the number six spot on Company magazine’s “10 New Faces of Fashion”. According to the mag, she is being recognized for her “sophisticated style” and “use of cashmere and smock dresses”. While little miss Harper has a ton of potential to be a fashion icon, I think her momma should get a little more credit for her fashion choices. I’ll tell ya one thing though, she is definitely giving Suri a run for her money!