Balenciaga studded sandals; the celeb shoe

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If you were a millionaire, wouldn’t you own these too? Carey Mulligan was spotted wearing these gorgeous, studded, Balenciaga sandals, which seem to be a favorite among other celebs. These adorable shoes have been worn by Naomi Watts, Kate Walsh, Heidi Klum, Lindsay Lohan, Kylie Minogue, Kimberly Stewart, and Nicole Richie.

At $575 a pop, they are not exactly on my shopping list, but let’s just say I get why the celebs are loving them. Check out them out at

Carrie Bradshaw isn’t the only one who could rock a white Vivienne Westwood dress!

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Eva Longoria was spotted at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, on her way to the 52nd Monte Carlo Television Festival. The brunette beauty looked ravishing in her crisp white Vivienne Westwood dress, accompanied by shoes from her favorite shoe designer, Brian Atwood. What do you think of Eva’s ensemble?


Lily’s definitely the fairest of them all!

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Lily Collins looked like a real-life Disney princess on Saturday in this Dolce & Gabanna gown at the LA premier of her new movie Mirror Mirror. It’s as if the designers had this premier in mind when designing this dress! I love to see young Hollywood get it right from the start, hopefully the movie is as fabulous as Lily’s fashion sense!

September 11, 2001

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On the eleventh anniversary of September 11, 2001, we remember those whose lives were taken, the family and friends of the deceased, the brave men and women who rescued so many innocent people, those who are still suffering from the toxic effects, and anyone and everyone who was directly affected by this great tragedy. We will never forget.

Marni for H&M finally launched yesterday!

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It’s usually the Target  collaborations that have me swooning, but H&M really thew me for a loop this time! Yesterday, Marni for H&M launched, and stores across Manhattan sold out almost immediately. Fashionistas across the island were camping out in front of H&M, some were lucky enough to score wristbands which allowed them into the store early. Even with customers on a timed schedule, the stores were wiped out of the Marni merchandise early on. Pieces are already up on eBay going for double the retail price! Unfortunately I missed the boat, but I will definitely be popping into H&M over the next few days, hoping some pieces are returned. Fingers crossed!

Sensational spikes!

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Woah baby, talk about some dangerous shoes! I am sure you would have some trouble getting through airport security with Christian Louboutin’s Asteroid  shoes! These punky-pumps retail for $1,695, and you can find them here at Barney’s. Are you feeling the spikes?

Rain-Boot champions of the woooooooooooorld!

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I mean seriously, I’m not even gonna put alot into this article cause I just spent way too much time putting those stupid boot trophies on the Burberry logo haha.   Burberry has like 20 different pair of rain boots out for those sloppy, slushy and rainy days.    They may not be my most favorite Fashion statement, but I definitely get it.  Feet stay 100% bone dry and comfortable.  Layer up on the socks and you got yourself a waterproof, more fashionable UGG here folks