Americana Collar

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OK, I’ll admit it. It took me two posts today to admit it, but I am officially obsessed with all things Americana, ESPECIALLY this necklace. In my eyes, Dannijo can do no wrong, and this collar necklace is all kinds of right. But since this trendy little collar is wayyyyy out of my price range ($995!!!!), I am forced to add it to my Lust List.  If you’re feeling spendy, heady over to, I’m certain this will look good on you!

I’m not quite sure how this one got by me

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Way Way late so if you clicked on this expecting it to be something newer- I’m sorry for misleading you, but another glimpse of Giseles sandy butt never hurt anyone.   The June issue of Vogue Paris is already on the shelves, has been for several weeks now.  Call a friend in France and ask them to messenger over a copy.  I saw a copy for myself, very cool- but when I went around Googling it, I found a bunch of articles complaining that all of the sand on her butt was all photoshopped into place.


Uhhhhhhh, ya think?   And what makes the sand being photoshopped in any different than every body part that has ever touched the cover of an issue of Vogue being photoshopped?

Whatever happened to French Connection!!?!

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Okay … for all of you that have your mind in the gutter … this is entitled FCUK … FRENCH CONNECTION UNITED KINGDOM!!! Oh ya, oh ya… all those F u N shirts with quisi-explicit phrases!!! HA HA HA … oh yes, trust me I had a few on mine own … not to mention a pretty large assortment of clothing, a few bags and jewelry!  So my question tonite boys and girls, and bois … is whatever happened to FCuK?!!?

Many many moons ago I could recall cruising 3rd Street in Santa Monica and skipping happily into FCuK … and was it in Olde Town Pasadena I found great summer sales, but alas both have closed up shop!  Let’s not forget that time in Vegas at the outlets .. YES FCuK has outlets, but very far and few!!!  The only free-standing store that I can think of is in SOHO (oh the joys in living in NYC) … but if they think I am going to fly my @$$ to the UK just to go shopping … well, okay, maybe if someone bought my ticket and gave my a billion pounds for a shopping spree!!

Well, bust out your wikipedias, phone a friend, and google until your fingers bleed, but can someone please tell me what happened to FCuK!?!?!


Get ready to go ba-na-nas, Rachel Zoe is coming back to Bravo!

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Have you been going through major Rachel Zoe withdrawal? So have we. Fashion season is here, and on top of all of the fab festivities going on during New York Fashion Week, we just received word that The Rachel Zoe Project will be returning to Bravo for a fifth season! The exact premier date is yet to be announced, but you can bet I will be tuned in!

Paris & Nicky at Cannes

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Paris and Nicky partying it up at the Cannes Film Festival.  I’ve seen these pictures get beat up around the web today,  people still hate them I guess.   They’re no longer relevant, which is a good thing for the world,  let’s just be happy they’re not on the front page everyday, those were the worst of times.

Karl Lagerfeld apologizes to Adele by sending her Chanel bags!

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“The thing at the moment is Adele,” Karl Lagerfeld said, when asked about what music he was listening to. “She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.” As you can imagine this caused quite the uproar, especially since Mr. Lagerfeld used to  be quite hefty himself. So what do you think Karl did to make up for his rude and insensitive remark? Send her the best of the best Chanel bags of course! Hey Karl, can you please call me fat next time?

I personally think Adele is always stunning, especially at this years Grammy Awards. Head over to the New York Post to read more on this story!

British fashionista to play herself on Gossip Girl!

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Spotted – Former model and spokesperson for Madewell, Alexa Chung, in a playful blue frock, galavanting the streets of New York City, while filming an episode for the final season of Gossip Girl.


I am sad to see that the show is coming to an end, but I am excited to see all of the lose ends tied up! From Alexa’s appearance, I am getting the feeling that there will be a lot of fashion focus on this last season. I wonder if this can result in a spinoff for any of the characters? Maybe one of Blair’s minions? We are certainly in for some surprises!



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