Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber want YOU to participate in Fashion’s Night Out!

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Fashion’s Night Out is one of my favorite nights of the year! Not only does it bring together fashions’ finest to help raise money for AIDS research, but it is a great way to kick off New York Fashion Week! Check out this adorable promo video with everyones favorite guilty pleasures (Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber) encouraging YOU to participate!

New York Fashion Week kicks off with Fashion’s Night Out!

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It’s official, Fashion’s Night Out 2012 will kick off New York Fashion Week on September 6th. Hundreds of retailers throughout New York City will keep there doors open late with events ranging from celeb hosted dance parties, to serving delicious cocktails and snacks. I have been fortunate enough to participate in FNO for the past several years, and although it has not always been the best of experiences, it is definitely an experience that everyone should attend at least once!

Hey Kimye – fashion week does NOT revolve around you!!!

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On Tuesday, the fame whore couple  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West showed up to the Stephane Rolland Couture show in Paris, almost an hour late! The show waited a while for them before it began, and then finally, someone with a brain decided that the show must go on. The duo showed up just before the finally, setting the Twittersphere into a frenzy.


I know that these two are big spenders, and that Kanye thinks he’s the next Gaultier, but seriously, no one cares about these two that much, especially in the world of fashion!

Kate Hudson is the new face for Ann Taylor!

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Natural beauty Kate Hudson is the new face for Ann Taylor’s summer collection, and she sure does make the clothes look good! In just a few weeks you will be able to get your hands on the new collection. What do you think of the new campaign?


Ferragamos FW Sales goes public today!!!

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Okay, so I know that everyone goes crazed over Louie and can’t get enough of Gucci … but sometimes enough is enough and one must broaden their scoop of true fashion.  Salvatore Ferragamo has been around since the early 1900′s, but is one of those classical brands, like most, that stays off the radar of pop culture.  Neither is right or wrong, but I don’t want you fashion hungered boys and girls to go without.  So without further ado:

Insider scoop (thx BooNa) Ferragamo, or as I like to call it the “Gamo”, actually launched there private sale last week, but true to form, it was by invite only and very hush hush… today the sale goes public offering:  30 – 35% off shoes and accessories & 40% off RTW … they are also throwing in free shipping when you order online!! So get into it!!!!




Project Runway alumni opens first concept store in SoHo!

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We all remember him from Project Runway and for making the word “fierce” mainstream, but unless you are an avid fashion hunter, you probably thought that Christian Siriano fell off the face of the earth. Little do many of you know, Mr. Siriano has been making waves in the world of fashion, and rode them to heart of New York!

The first Christian Siriano concept store is located at 252 Elizabeth Street in New York City. The store showcases his runway looks in a cozy, 1000 square foot, atmosphere. I can’t wait to make a trip down to SoHo to check out the store! Will you be heading down to check it out?

Cosmopolitan takes a chunk out of Demi Lovato!

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I know that every magazine out there is guilty of photoshopping their models and cover girls to hide imperfections, but every once in a while some of them take it too far. The July cover of Cosmopolitan features Demi Lovato looking way thinner than usual. This is an on-going controversy in the fashion industry that has been causing a huge problem amongst young women. Recently a group of teens took action by protesting the drastic photoshopping in Seventeen magazine, and stating that they want to see real girls in the mag. What is even more disturbing in this Cosmo case is that they would virtually slim Demi, even after her recent struggles with depression. I know that photoshopping is an industry standard, but where do we draw the line?