This is how I’m gonna end my articles from now on:

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This video is pretty awful, but there are 2 things I must share.

#1 “WABAM, Peace”  Not even kidding, this may be my new send-off I put on each article before I click the publish button. I mean, did you hear that kid?  Mundane and boring as hell, yet you throw a WABAM and a peace sign into the mix and and you got yourself a party!

#2 What in gods name did he just tie?  Worst tie-tieing demonstration I have ever seen in my life.  Where do you wear a knot like that? cause I’m pretty sure I’d get laughed at if I ever wore that thing out in public.


Wabam, peace!

Daryl K Sample Sale!

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Looking to get some weekend shopping done? The Daryl K Sample sale starts today and will go on through February 10th. Visit the sale at 21 Bond Street, between Lafayette Street and Bowery, or checkout the website at for some fabulous silk tanks and tees, leather leggings, and much more at fabulous prices!

Proenza Schouler

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As fashion week comes to a halt, it is easier to assess the trends that will be prominent in Fall 2012. One of my all time faves Proenza Schouler, produced a gorgeous collection, assuring us of some fab Fall trends. The collection was full of oversized pieces, leather dresses, and a  whole lot of color-blocking. This show is definitely in my top 5 of the season!

Miley leaves little to the imagination in this dress

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Miley Cyrus and fiancee Miley Cyrus pose on the Red Carpet for the Australians in Film Breakthrough Awards, which I had no idea even existed.  It would appear like that is a pretty narrow market to throw an entire awards show for.  I’m not saying there aren’t a lot of Australian actors out there, I’m just saying I didn’t know there were enough to throw an awards show every year for them specifically.


Anyway- Miley went with the tight fitting black dress with the cutout top- I like it because Miley has been rather showy lately with her body, so I think she portrayed her confidence in her body by wearing this elegant, yet sultry piece.   Liam, ehhh, too much going on in the chest area for me. Too many opened buttons on the dress shirt if you’re going to keep the suit jacket buttoned as well. Either you button up one more button, or you unbutton the suit jacket,  but the combo he has going on here looks too forced.

Capes aren’t just for  superheroes anymore!

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I have been obsessing over capes for ages, and now they seem to be more relevant than ever. While browsing the internet for the perfect cape, I came across this J. Crew cape from net-a-porter. Something about this is just so classic and ladylike, yet trendy at the same time. The camel/grey color is perfect to pair with any color palette from pastels and neons to neutrals and prints. Now while I love capes, they are not exactly practical to use as an overcoat (even though I do every day, then again I am not necessarily practical when it comes to fashion). If you want to tough it out you may need to add a few extra layers to brave these brutal New York temperatures!

House of Harlow 1960 skull earrings

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I never thought that I, the princess and pink-loving ultimate girly-girl would develop such an obsession with skulls. It seems like every time I go shopping, I find new fabulous skulls. This time, while on a hunt for sunglasses, I saw these amazing tri-colored earrings on House of Harlow is a great line for fun, edgy jewels, and these earrings are my favorite item from the latest collection! Would you rock these skull earrings?

Kim Kardashians shoe collection melts my heart

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Kim posted these on Twitter a little while back, and I had saved the pic on my phone and completely forgot about it-  until now.   For those that don’t follow Kim Kardashian, you might want to join the club-  this girls closet is something to drool over.


The sad part is, I bet she only paid for 30% of the stuff in there, the rest was all gifted to her by friends and businesses looking to get their name out there.