I’m gonna say it:  Hot. Mess.

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Sinead O’Connor got married for the fourth time last week, I didn’t even know she got married 3 other times to be honest- Up until I read the article I thought she was a Lesbian, right?  Like that’s the last thing I heard,  Sinead O’Connor, lesbian, unmarried.   Then over the weekend I’m on my phone surfing the information super highway and I find out Sinead has been married 3 times previously, she’s not a lesbian, she just turned 45,  and she looks like an absolute train wreck!  They got married late last week at the Little White WeddingChapel in Las Vegas-  yuuuuup, same place Britney(who just turned 30) got hitched for her short-lived wedding a few years back.

I’m not being mean here people, I’m just calling it like it is. What the heck happened to her?   I remember her years back with the shaved head, and I actually thought she pulled it off great.  Now she just looks beat up. I respect tattoos,  but sheesh, when did “tattoo giant pirate hat across my chest” sound like a good idea?


Her Husband looks like he just rolled out of bed.   Come on dude,  how bout a little starch in the collar?  A little gel in the hair? A little tailoring on that suit?  anything? This is your wedding man! Clean up for the show!   throw a little iron into that thing or something!  rub some viagra on it,  do what you gotta do but when you have a beautiful bride like Sinead O’Connor on your arm…

OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!  I GET IT!  You’re marrying Sinead O’Connor and you don’t NEED to clean up for anything.  It all makes sense now. Sag on Barry, Pirate hat it up Sinead, the Drive-Thru-Wedding ceremony is your stage!

Hey Kimye – fashion week does NOT revolve around you!!!

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On Tuesday, the fame whore couple  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West showed up to the Stephane Rolland Couture show in Paris, almost an hour late! The show waited a while for them before it began, and then finally, someone with a brain decided that the show must go on. The duo showed up just before the finally, setting the Twittersphere into a frenzy.


I know that these two are big spenders, and that Kanye thinks he’s the next Gaultier, but seriously, no one cares about these two that much, especially in the world of fashion!

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2012 couture collection pays homage to the late, great Amy Winehouse

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It’s Couture Fashion Week in Paris, and Jean Paul Gaultier seems to have been mourning the loss of Amy Winehouse while designing his Spring collection. While Amy and couture seem like an unlikely combination, Gaultier used the perfect amount of 1950′s flare and luxurious, vibrantly colored fabrics to create a fabulous, whimsical collection. Check out the entire show on Style.com!

Excuse me,  your skeletal frame is showing.

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Reading about the events that took place at Fashion Week (we hadn’t launched yet, otherwise we would have been all over it), and I came across this picture.  It was just in the Google image bank that I snagged it from-  be my guest and take credit to whoever took the picture- but jeese,  what’s going on here?   I know the modeling industry is demanding and competitive.  And I know they prefer tall skinny stick figures-   But there isn’t a single pair of healthy legs in this whole bunch!   Check out the pale girl with the blue top!  That’s terrible.  I am so glad my fashion involvements never included any type of modeling or behind the scenes within the industry, cause something tells me it’s a shady business to keep up with.

Topshop’s Aztec Sequin skirt is a must have for summer!

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It may seem like it is quite often that I am obsessing over something, but my obsession is rarely to the extent of this. While I am a firm believer in investing in wardrobe basics, I also think it is great to invest in some WOW pieces. For example this aztec print sequin skirt from Topshop. This print is one that is always coming in and out of style, and the colors can take you from season to season with ease. While this skirt would look great with a basic white tee for a summer night out, it will look amazing in the fall with some black tights and boots, and even better with some more layers in the winter! For $150, I think this is an investment pieces at a great price.

Kim and Kanye,matching AGAIN!

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Kanye seems to be taking his lyrics a little too seriously. Apparently he and Kim are going by his “all black, everything” request. I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of these two matching all the time, it’s just a little too much. Do you enjoy seeing the happy couple and their coordinating outfits everyday, or have you had enough?

The celeb sandal of the season, and they’re under $100!

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Looking for the perfect summer sandals? These Dolce Vita Archer sandals have all ready been declared the sandals of the season by fashion editors and celebrities alike!

Everyone’s favorite fame whore reality star, Kim Kardashian has been seen donning these in various different colors, as have other fashionista’s like Lauren Conrad. Since they are a celeb fave, they MUST cost a fortune right? WRONG! These sandals are $69 each, which is a great deal for a quality sandal! Head over to Singer22.com to buy these bad boys in every color available!