Excuse me,  your skeletal frame is showing.

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Reading about the events that took place at Fashion Week (we hadn’t launched yet, otherwise we would have been all over it), and I came across this picture.  It was just in the Google image bank that I snagged it from-  be my guest and take credit to whoever took the picture- but jeese,  what’s going on here?   I know the modeling industry is demanding and competitive.  And I know they prefer tall skinny stick figures-   But there isn’t a single pair of healthy legs in this whole bunch!   Check out the pale girl with the blue top!  That’s terrible.  I am so glad my fashion involvements never included any type of modeling or behind the scenes within the industry, cause something tells me it’s a shady business to keep up with.

Rachel Zoe’s first ever sample sale kicks off tomorrow!

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Rachel Zoe’s recently launched fashion collection has been widely accepted and pleasantly surprising to the fashion world. She has done so well that she is adhering to the unofficial initiation as a fashion designer in hosting her first ever sample sale.

If you are looking for some Rachel Zoe approved clothing for up to 60% off, head over to 260 Fifth Avenue (my favorite sample sale location!) to check out the designer duds. Word on the street is that the clothes are still a little prices (starting around $100), but who knows what you may find there? It is definitely worth stopping by!

Weekend sample sale, shop till you drop!

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Looking for some good shopping for the weekend? Look no further! Head down to Bit + Piece at 246 Mott St., between Houston and Prince for up to 90 percent off of fab designer duds, including Theory, Elie Tahari, Cynthia Vincent. Nothing like a good sample sale to kick off your weekend!

Need a new iPhone case? Head over to Shopbop!

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    DVF, $28                     .                    Marc Jacobs, $38

We live in a generation where our cell phones have become appendages of our bodies, constantly in our hands, and something that we absolutely can not live without. Lucky for us there are plenty of designers out there who get it….cell phones are another part of us to adorn!


Rebecca Minkoff, $48             .          Dannijo, $98

This weekend I will be on the hunt for a new cell phone case. As silly as it sounds, I have not been able to find one that I love. I look at my cell phone more than any other accessory that I have, so I want to accessorize it with a fun, fashionable and unique case. Here are some of the options that I found, I am OBSESSED with the Dannijo one! Head over to Shopbop.com to check out more of the phone case options that they have.

Have a great weekend everyone, can’t wait to catch up on Monday, hopefully I will be updating from a newly adorned phone!

UGG comeback, or extinction?

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If nobody else wants to talk about it, I will:  What the heck is going to happen with UGGs this year?   Honest question.  I have friends who wear them all winter, and friends who swear against them.
The cold weather will be setting in, bringing us into the 3rd ‘popular’ season(for all the people that will get on my case about UGGs being around for 10 years, “they were used by surfers for 97 years” blah blah blah.  shhhhh, stop talking)   What i’m asking is what will we see this year? Uggs in high demand and on every girl we walk past?  Or a noticeable decline in the popularity of this once thriving shoe/boot/slipper/foot warmie thing.

remember that time Tom Brady was an UGG model? Oh yeah, that’s right now.    I don’t even like football, and I even laughed a little bit to myself.

My final answer?  Full Story »

Talk about an oxymoron of a shoe…

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With the athletic trend in full swing, I have been looking everywhere for fun and unique sneakers. As I mentioned a few months ago, I am not typically a sneaker girl and I only own 1 pair of gym shoes, being my only pair of sneakers. So what shoes would finally make the girly-girl in me swoon over sneakers? Sneaker heels of course, with no heel at all!


When I came across these shoes on Moda Operandi I couldn’t wait to share them with you! These fab kicks from BE&D Sneakers are available here until April 13th for $128! Would you rock the sneaker heels???

Celebs keeping cozy for the snowy Sundance

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It may be called the Sundance Film Festival, but it seems like the sun is the farthest thing away from Park City, Utah. Celebs have had the challenge of braving the snow, while staying chic for the Sudnance festivities. Taylor Swift and Elizabeth Olsen both look more adorable than ever, while opting for the cozy look. The focal point on both of their outfits are their comfy winter hats. Although we are snow free for a few days here in New York, something tells me there is more to come. Prepare yourself to be cute and cozy and check out Urban Outfitters for similar style hats!

(I swear, it looks WAY cuter on!)