Looks like the Terminator is going through a cowboy phase

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I don’t even know where to start with this one.   Arnold Schwarzenegger- I loved him as an actor just as much as the rest of the world; his accent, his body, his awkward but hilarious attempt at comedy, his catchphrases etc.  But once Arnold Schwarzenegger turned into this present day Arnie, he kind of lost that spark with me.  Now he’s just a little too weird for me, between the political career, his on/off again divorce, his sporadic movie appearances, and now… what looks like a cowboy phase he’s going through.


That watch, that ring, and that shirt are 3 of the most mismatched fashion pieces I’ve ever seen thrown into one attempt at an outfit.   Arnold, if you’re going cowboy, then go full-blown cowboy! the ridiculously sized watch(that looks like you stole it off a rappers wrist), and that Muhammad Ali shirt are completely throwing off the whole vibe.