Let’s be real here; jeans stretch

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For all the guys who are a size 36 that wear a 34.
For all the girls that are a size 6, and they wear a size 3.
Your efforts do not go unnoticed.  But please, don’t take it to the extreme like this guy below did:

what?  you think i’ve never been there?  Do you really think i’ve never unbuttoned the top button on the way from the restaurant?   or haven’t laughed with my female passenger when they jokingly unbuttoned the top button for the car ride to the club/event?

Are you really sitting there right now thinking that I don’t browse the jean aisles, and head to the dressing room with a variance of 3 jeans sizes in my cart?    psssssssshhhhhh!  Let me share my 3 rules of jeans:1. They always stretch.
2.  You always wear them more than once, allowing them to stretch even more.
3. Once you find a pair of jeans you like, you wear them to death.

And don’t forget** If you switch up your shirt- nobody ever notices what kind of jeans you wore the night before hahaha

Moral of the story:  Always go for the size smaller when purchasing jeans, cause nobody likes a saggy pancake butt. Everyone like a tight jean butt.