Miley leaves little to the imagination in this dress

Keywords: pic of the day, miley cyrus, liam hemsworth


Miley Cyrus and fiancee Miley Cyrus pose on the Red Carpet for the Australians in Film Breakthrough Awards, which I had no idea even existed.  It would appear like that is a pretty narrow market to throw an entire awards show for.  I’m not saying there aren’t a lot of Australian actors out there, I’m just saying I didn’t know there were enough to throw an awards show every year for them specifically.


Anyway- Miley went with the tight fitting black dress with the cutout top- I like it because Miley has been rather showy lately with her body, so I think she portrayed her confidence in her body by wearing this elegant, yet sultry piece.   Liam, ehhh, too much going on in the chest area for me. Too many opened buttons on the dress shirt if you’re going to keep the suit jacket buttoned as well. Either you button up one more button, or you unbutton the suit jacket,  but the combo he has going on here looks too forced.