Michael Jordan is free of any trouble here, all fault lies on Nike, apparently

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TMZ reports that Nike is selling a Air Jordan Branded leather jacket for the hefty price of $495 on their website… believe it or not, the price tag isn’t the only crime in this story.   Nope.  A company called Urban Motive Sportswear claims they have been using the trademarked “Lottery Pick” line since way back in 2004. With the name attached to everything from energy drinks to sports apparel.



I went and did a little Google search of this Urban Motive Sportswear, and came up with what looks like a quickly thrown together website, with even worse graphics in their gallery.  I snagged these 2 pics from their website-  the 2 worst ones I could find.    How bout the one up above here huh?  Just take a random picture of a hotel room they found on the web, and poorly photoshop in a few random cans of their energy drink.



And then this one?  Crazy logo huh?  Would love to get the name of that graphic designer, their work is breathtaking! lol.     Look,  Urban Motive Sportswear may very well have a case here, and they’ll more than likely get some type of settlement hush money from Nike so that this doesn’t ruin the sports fashion icon image.   But outside of that, I think this is a case of some poorly run business that a bunch of guys thought would flourish into some overnight million dollar sports line…. and that clearly didn’t happen.    Shocking,  I wonder why it never took off, it looks so professional