Add glasses to your wardrobe


Keyword: celebrities, glasses

Remember when glasses were nerdy? Names like “four eyes”, “bottle eyes” were the way we used to torture fellow classmates with glasses in school. While it used to be cool to try to camouflage our glasses so no one would notice them, well times are changing! Celebrities are showing off their sexy side with a pair of bold glasses. Check out Megan Fox (above) looking as sexy as ever. Didn’t Lisa Lobe rock those back in the 90′s?  And Justin Timberlake….can we say ‘yum’!!? Seems that now-a-days it’s important to own many pairs to go with each days attire; and anything goes as far as style. Cat’s- eye, round, clear, retro, rectangle…try them all! And you don’t need to wear prescription glasses to follow this trend, but please make sure your spectacles at least have lenses :)