Urban Outfitters is under scrutiny from Congress for Irish-themed St. Patrick’s day memorabilia.

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“Irish I Were Drink” and “I’m Drunk, Or Irish, Or Whatever” are a few of the quotes on the Irish-themed memorabilia at Urban Outfitters. While many customers view these as cute loot for St. Patty’s Day, members of congress are finding these quotes extremely offensive. According to abc News, 10 members of Congress have written letters to Urban Outfitters, encouraging to terminate the sale of these items, as one representative stated ”By selling and promoting these items, Urban Outfitters is only fueling stereotypes that many Irish-Americans, as well as the people or Ireland, work so hard to dispel.” Urban Outfitters have not responded to this attack and have continued to sell their items regardless of the congressional letters. What are your feelings on the St. Patricks Dat gear at Urban Outfitters? Fun and games, or offensive? Visit Urban Outfitters to check out some of the products for yourself.