Another notch on the neck, a dainty skull necklace!

Keywords: skull necklace, layering necklace, gold necklace

My obsession with skulls began on my trip to Mexico last year. One afternoon, while boyfriend was sleeping off a bad sunburn, I walked down to the pool alone. Instead of participating in the raunchy spring break-esque shenanigans that were going on, I decided to head over to the ceramic table and paint something. In the spirit of Mexico, I decided to paint a sugar skull. Now I am no artist, nor have I ever claimed to be one, but I did try quite hard to stick to a Mexican-themed color palette and color in the lines (which is way harder to do with paint than you might think!).

When I finished, I was less than pleased with my work. Little did I know, that the fabulous ceramic team would doctor up my skull for me (no pun intended). When I came back to pick up my piece, I was pleasantly surprised to see a gorgeous little talisman. Since then I have been hooked. I am also a HUGE fan of layering gold necklaces, and I have been on the hunt for something that is dainty with a bit of an edge. When I came across this little skull necklace on, I immediately ordered it! It should arrive on Tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited!