Today, we focus our attention on ‘Sloan’

Keywords: sloan, Emmanuelle Chriqui, entourage

Emmanuelle Chriqui, AKA Sloan,  was brought into my world around the same time she popped up on everyone elses Celebrity radar. Season 1 of Entourage. I didn’t know she was 33 years old, she has a much younger face than that, and the way I read her personality she seems much more young and fun(no i’m not saying 33 is old, trust me, it’s right around the corner for me) I guess I pictured her in her middle 20′s.  But now that I know she’s 33, and watched a few more clips of her online,  I stand my ground-  this girl is in her prime and she’s working the hell out of her career.

Plenty of pictures after the click of Emmanuelle Chriqui carrying herself professionally and beautifully all across Hollywood

  • John

    33?! wooow that’s crazy, I thought for sure like 27-28 oldest.

    October 02 2011