PoP … “Champagne when you’re Thirstayyy!!!”

Keywords: champagne, thursday, coastal, songs


So if Biggie … or Ne-Yo … or, my personal fave, Trey Songz can including champagne within there music why can’t I included it withhin my blog!!  Champagne definitely is not just concealed to Thursdays … one can definitely include the fizzing bubbly goodness for holidays (ie coming up, if not upon us), birthdays, and well anytime you feel like hearing that sound:POP!

So whether in socal, NYC, Miami  or Vegas make sure you make it rain with champagne!!!!!!!

… and in the words of Don ho:

Tiny bubbles,

in the wine.

Make me happy …

…make me feel fine!!!




    i thought ur suppose to make it rain with Benji and sip the dom with the filet Mignon…

    December 23 2011