First a kilt, now jeggings… what’s next?

Keywords: kanye west, leggings, kilt, leather

I’m a Kanye fan, so don’t think I’m bashing the guy.   All I’m saying is at what point do we question what he wears when he leaves the house?

Fashion is independence, and a way to express your personality through any mix and assortment of clothes you can throw on before walking the door-  that’s why I LOVE FASHION.

But Kanye,  you’re go from Gangster to Jeggings quicker and more freely than any other man walking this earth,   can we get a little consistency?   For example,  Pharrell Williams,  we did an article on Skateboard P  a while back-  He sticks to one direction and rocks it proudly. He’ll show up to the Grammys in a pair of skateboard kicks, saggy skinny jeans, and a G-Shock any day of the week and pull it off…. but Kanye,  I feel, leaves us guessing everyday pics are posted online of his recent outings across the world.

At the end of the day, I love the guy-    racist, sexist, conceited, nasty etc etc. Say what you want about the guy,   I’m not trying to be his best friend,  all I’m asking out of him is to put out good music-  and he’s been doing that just fine for me over the past several years.  **for the record-   that jacket is absolute perfection matched up with his Air Yeezys