Your dress shirt doesn’t fit… at all

Keyword: dress shirt, slim-fit, drake


One of my biggest pet-peeves is watching a guy work the room in a dress shirt that could double as a parachute in case of emergency.  Seriously-  I understand that dress shirts aren’t for everyone, but you can atleast make an attempt at finding a shirt that some what resembles a proper fit.

And yes… Okay… you got me:  This wasn’t a very fair competition:     Your everyday joe Versus the All American Vampire/werewolf/monster slayer that has women melting in their seats across the world. Maybe Taylor Lautners hand was a little heavy coming into this, but that doesn’t mean our friend Dennis The Menace didn’t have a fair shot.  I bet if you tighten up that collar, take in the back, cut 14″ off the sleeves and dye the shirt blue…. you wouldn’t be able to tell him or Lautner apart.