She won’t save the environment, but she gets the thumbs up in our book

Keywords: leann rimes, trevor live!, la, mcqueen shoes

Truthfully,  I don’t even know how I feel about Leann Rimes.  Honestly,  I don’t know much about her, so I don’t lean in one direction or the other with her.   Completely unbiased opinion?

Leann Rimes is killing this dress right now,   and that piece of arm candy she walks around with ain’t too shabby, wouldn’t you say?   Actually, Eddie Cibrian is a 100% candidate for that whole facial scruff article we did a few weeks back. 

Leann is wearing a Nini dress paired with Alexander McQueen shoes.   While Eddie Cibrian worked the heck out of that skinny tie suit he was wearing alongside her-   wasn’t able to find what he wore to the event,  but we approve!