America’s favorite girl is headed for the White Pink House!

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Move over Sarah Palin, there’s a new hottie headed for the White House. Barbie is running for president for the 5th time and she is looking more chic than ever! Her collarless blazer with patriotic ruffles and matching skirt are sure to get my vote. Designed by Chris Benz, barbie is ready to paint the White House pink….just like the color of his hair.

Notice something else about Barbie’s outfit? She finally traded in her high heels for some sensible wedges!

According to Mattel’s VP of Barbie Brand Marketing in North America, Cathy Cline, “Being President culminates Barbie’s career path, she stands for inspiring girls to be informed and involved in their local communities.” Head over to to read more on Barbie and her presidential endeavors!