Reports are confirmed, sadly, the Y is a thing of the past

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I don’t agree with this one you guys, it just seems to ‘businessey’ than it is emotional.   Yves Saint Laurent passed away in 2008, and now just 4 years later the brand that he personally designed and built is being rudely changed by the hand of the new guy in town.  YSL’s new creative director, Hedi Slimane is making a bold move in changing the name of the French powerhouse to Saint Laurent Paris.



On one hand, I can respect that this guy Hedi Slimane is a creative genius and everyone believes whatever he touches will turn to gold- but on the other hand I also feel as if there needs to be an emotional and long lasting bond between a companies creator and the product that company produces.  Without the founding father of YSL, there would be no YSL, let alone a company that could be renamed an ‘SL’.


The highest powers over at YSL must feel differently, because they’re financially backing Slimane, which could be an expensive investment if all 83 worldwide stores need to have all of their signage on the front of the stores changed.   However, they could probably offset that cost with the amount of money they’ll be making on any remaining products on YSL shelves before the newly designed logo starts to make its appearance.


As more develops, and as soon as any type of logos or lines are released, I’ll be sure to get the info up here for you guys right away.