Oh wait… those are just your boots.

Keyword: snakeskin, boots, louboutin

I’m not even gonna try and downplay this picture at all.  There it is, in all it’s glory. A thigh high snakeskin boot.  Let me just clear the air here folks,  Snakeskin isn’t sexy. Fashionable I will give you, but not sexy.   Thigh high boots must be the most uncomfortable and annoying thing a girl could ever have to wear, am I right?   I know my better half rocks sandals and UGGs at every chance she gets out of the sheer comfort of them….  Who the hell wants to show up to a party covered in snakeskin from the bottom of your foot practically all the way to your bellybutton?

Someone asks if you’d like to sit down and your response has to be “No, my Snakeskin boots come up to my neck, so I can’t sit down all night.  But how great do these things look huh?”    (you like how the boots grew taller and taller every time I mentioned their height?)