From Prada to pixie!

Keywords: anne hathaway, prada to pixie, short hair, new haircut


Since The Devil Wears Prada, I have been a HUGE Anne Hathaway fan. Not only did that movie hit close to home, but Anne was the perfect choice as the movies leading lady. I think that she is such a stunning woman and makes fabulous fashion choices even in her post-prada days (many thanks to her stylist Rachel Zoe I am sure!). So when Anne was seen on Saturday in London having chopped her luscious locks off, I, like many of you I am sure was shocked! Apparently Anne cut off her hair for the current role she has also reportedly been losing weight for as Fantine in Les Miserables. 



Anne is such a beautiful girl with amazing features that she can totally rock the pixie cut! Short hair is a bold move that really shows a woman’s confidence.  I admire any girl that has the guts to chop off her hair! I am DYING to hear what my girl Jill over at has to say about this! Thoughts everyone???