Is it just me, or does Tobey not fit?

Keywords:  tobey maguire, spiderman, prada

Back in June it became public that Tobey Maguire was the new face of Prada.   Before I really get into this, I want to clear one thing up:  I like Tobey Maguire.  I think he was perfect for the spiderman role, I think he conducts himself well in the spotlight, and I have no problems with him as an actor/celebrity.

But I’m struggling with the Prada thing.   Maybe it’s just me, but I always associated Tobey Maguire with one thing….and associated Prada with the 100% complete opposite.   From the selling point; I think the photographers did a great job capturing Tobeys dark/Prada side, but I don’t think Tobey was the right choice.   He just doesn’t ooze Prada to me.

If you wanted to go out on a stretch,  I see the black evil spiderman 3 dude as the Prada face…. But Tobey had a mask on almost the entire time, so I guess that doesn’t say much huh?