This printed blazer is sure to charm it’s way into your closet!

Keywords: blazer, prints, floral, zara

I recently saw an article on about the prominence of printed blazer’s for 2012. That article inspired me to find the perfect printed blazer that I an actually afford. After searching for hours, I finally came across this fabulous blazer from Zara.

Although I absolutely love how this outfit was styled, I really wish I was able to find a photo of this blazer on it’s own. I love the idea of mixing prints, however I wish I was able to translate how this blazer could jazz up a simple outfit without all of the noise.

This blazer may only cost $129 but it looks like a million bucks. Be daring and mix the floral printed blazer with some animal or tribal print, or simply throw it over a little black dress for an quick update. Either way this blazer (or one like it) is a must have for Spring.