Women have beautiful kneecaps

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Alright look, I’ll admit it.  I’m a male Fashion Blogger.  Love girls, respect mens fashion. Know my place, know when to speak my voice, and I know when to bite my tongue.    I couldn’t help but bring this to the table:   A recent article clipping in a “style” magazine left me scratching my head…  The author was helping women choose their friendly and flirty outfits for the summer, and made it a very direct point that states  “Men love skirts above the knee because it accentuates the thinnest part of your leg, and draws their eyes to the sexual element that is the knee”

I’m sorry, what? the knee cap?  did you say the knee cap? as in that ball of skeletal structure that we use to walk?     Yea…. okay ladies let me do the honors here:  We don’t like your kneecaps.  To be honest, they’re kinda creepy. No matter how beautiful a woman may be… nobodies kneecaps are attractive, nor are they a “sexual element”.
Let me use some pictures to drive my point home.  And whoever this woman was responsible for this article, I pray that you visit my site, because I think it’s only fair that I educate you also.

Men don’t like kneecaps.  Men like sexy women in skirts.  Men are attracted to the long stretch of bare leg, we love that ‘awe-factor’  the appearance of a woman in a short fitting skirt provides us with.    And women enjoy it just as much as we do.   You know you love walking down the street knowing that you’re turning heads as you walk into the building.     Call it anything you want, but don’t have some doctor fashion columnist trying to tell me that I think kneecaps are sexy.