You can’t knock her drive, she has quite the businesswoman

Keywords: victoria beckham, store opening, ecommerce


NYmag covered a recent interview by CNN in which Victoria Beckham expressed her interest in expanding her business, but cautioning that she is in no rush, and seems to be taking the slow and steady approach, which is quite respectable.


Many will say that it’s easy for a woman of Victorias stature to launch and build a successful clothing line, however until you’ve actually spent a day in the Fashion Industry, you will find that any level of success, no matter what your background is, is respectable and admirable.



In the interview, Victoria explains that she would love to open her own store, and that she is currently in the process of  doing so.   The store is likely to be based in London,  but Mrs. Beckham goes on to propose the possibility of a Hong Kong location.



In an industry that is so cut throat and competitive, a name will only get you so far-  it is an incredible head start over 99% of the people who launch their own fashion lines, no denying that, but that isn’t to say that this didn’t take a lot of time, effort and hard work on Victorias behalf to build the company up to where it is today.