My, what hairy, overexposed pectorals you have Simon

Keywords: simon cowell, x factor, britney spears

The big news around the web right now is Britney Spears signing onto be a judge for X Factor.  I don’t watch much of the show, so I can’t say the news is groundbreaking to me.   What is groundbreaking is Simon Cowells poor fashion choice while attending an afterparty in London last night, prior to releasing the big news today.


I love the unbuttoned collared shirt just as much as the next girl, but Simon is pressing his luck here just a bit too much.   With a set of chest hair like that, you have to keep those buttons fastened-   leave the top button undone,  2nd button undone is my favorite-  but when you cross over into 3rd and 4th button territory you’re asking for trouble.