Ladies of the World:  we salute you.

Keywords:  women fashion, high heels, jeans

Ladies, I present to you: “homage to womens fashion”
That’s right, here I am, just one man,  thanking you for wearing those heels.

One man, standing here with tears in his eyes, thanking you for squeezing into those jeans.

One grateful, excited, giddy man, thanking you for staring into the mirror for 55 minutes getting ready, while we throw on a pair of dirty jeans and an un-ironed tshirt.

Because while we complain about you taking forever to get ready, or complain about the obnoxious smell of your hairspray… Truth is… We are ever so grateful walking into the party with you.  If you’re not on our arm, then we’re ever so grateful that you attended the same gather as we did.  You guys got the crap-end of the stick.  No doubt about it, if you want me to level with you, truth is, I wouldn’t trade places with you guys in a million years.   You have all your women problems, your ‘monthly’ problems, your emotional problems, your everything… no thank you!  you can keep it!

However,  I must bow down and tip my hat to you in the same breath:  As fashionable as I may be, and as critical I may be of myself;  The women of this earth are the undisputed kings of the world in regards to making sacrifices to look good. THANK YOU!  No matter your size, your ‘sexy level’, or your comfort-  you continue to walk out of the house dropping the jaws of men all over the world.   No man could wear heels for 9 hours at a time. No man could deal with the pains of a tight pair of jeans.  No man could look in the mirror longer than it takes us to brush our teeth.