Seriously, what’s with their wardrobes over there?

Keyword: apple, steve jobs, tim cook, iphone 5

uhhhhhhhhhh is anyone else sensing a pattern here?  And i’m not talking about the phones.

Apple finally released word that on Tuesday, Oct. 4, newly appointed CEO Tim Cook will make his first lengthy public appearance to unveil the upcoming iPhone 5. Quickly, i’ll just say that I am first in line for the iphone 5, I have been a Blackberry and Droid user for the past 4 years and I’m finally making the switch. I’m ecstatic about the news and anxious to hear what else is discussed.

With that being said- let’s talk about Fashion!    Seriously, am I the only one who read this news and instantly thought “oh my god, Tim Cook wears almost the same exact outfits that Steve Jobs did.  Old school classic jeans, (optional) belt, and some sort of dark colored shirt on top.   One of the most profitable companies in the world, and they send their CEO’s out on stage dressed like they’re working behind the scenes at some high  school theatre performance.

Don’t worry Tim, don’t worry Steve, you’re allowed to dress up nicely when you are presenting the world with a product they have been begging for.  I am all for keeping it neat and conservative, but come on guys, atleast throw a little color in there to let me know you’re alive!

Now, give us an iPhone 5 … NOW!!!  We have been waiting foreeeeever.  My Blackberry freezes and resets itself like 14 times a day for no reason and I can’t take it anymore!