Cinderella’s glass slipper gets a red sole!

Keywords: cinderella, national princess week, christian louboutin, glass slipper, red sole


Ok..I am a few days late, but I thought that I should share with you that Dinsey has officially declared this week (Starting last Sunday, April 22nd) National Princess Week! Now I know you are wondering what this has to do with fashion. (What’s the matter, you don’t think Cinderella’s ball gown will be a new trend?)


Believe it or not Christian Louboutin will be reinventing Cinderella’s glass slipper which will of course have a red sole! This unlikely collaboration is in honor of the blu-ray release of Cinderella.

According to Louboutin “Walt Disney Studios gave me a wonderful opportunity to live this magical moment. I have been so lucky to have crossed paths with Cinderella, an icon who is so emblematic to the shoe world as well as the dream world.” I can’t wait to see how this master of shoes make s real life, red soled adaptation of the slipper! Prince Charming not included.