Old Navy flip flops; a summer staple!

Keywords: old navy, flip flops, sandals

I was finally able to head out to Fire Island this passed weekend for my first beach day of the year! I was scrambling, half asleep, at 8 am, when I realized I couldn’t find my flip flops.

Believe it or not, I was extremely upset that my $2.5o flip flops from Old Navy were missing. ¬†Then it dawned on me, these silly little flip flops are truly a summer staple! There is no way that I would wear my nice sandals to the beach, so I always like to have these on hand. Not only are they comfortable and colorful, but they literally last forever. Go ahead and buy 4 pairs of these flops from old navy, you’ll only spend $10, and you’ll have a pair ready for the beach all summer long!