Who do you think threw the towel in first?

Keywords: bongo, audrina patridge, the hills


They used her name, and plastered her face all over the place,  but didn’t really make a huge splash, atleast not on my radar.  They’re clearly successful as the brand is well known,  but I’m not sure they got out of Audrina what they were hoping to get out of her,  in all honesty.   I think Audrina is a different kind of celebrity-  she’ll always turn heads, but I’m not quite sure I’m on board with the fact that she can put a face to a brand-  it takes a certain kind of woman to behold the power of brand recognition haha.

Don’t get me wrong-  Audrina if you’re reading this-  you absolutely murdered the clothing Ad shoots that have hit the net.  When it comes to celebrities in modeling, I think she’s got the number one body in the industry.

Last week she was at an event wearing a Sexy-Santa outfit, and this week she’s calling it quits on their relationship.   L.A. really is a 2-faced cut-throat town, huh?  craaaaaazzzyyyy