Are “jelly” shoes making a comeback?

Keywords: jelly, jelly shoes, missoni, forever 21, comeback

Remember these???

Forever 21, $19.80

Bloomingdales, $250

Hold onto your snap bracelets and pogs, I am pretty sure we are flashing back to the 90′s! Remember your clear jelly shoes with glitter in them and that horrible heel like the first pair pictured? Well thank goodness someone has decided to at least update jelly shoes before bringing them back! I think these Forever 21 studded jellies and the flower adorned Missoni jellies are definitely an upgrade from the ones that I was wearing when I was 5 years old! I am not sure that I would drop $250 on a pair no matter how much I love Missoni, but I would totally spring for a cheap pair. Will you be bringing jellies back this spring?