The Hollywood Reporter names this years 25 most powerful stylists!

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Stylist Leslie Fremar and Charlize Theron

Stylist Jeane Yang and Katie Holmes

The Hollywood Reporter recently released their annual “25 Most Powerful Stylist” list. I love when this list comes out each year because credit is finally given where it is due. You always hear about what starlets are wearing as they stroll along the red carpet, but unless you are an industry insider, you seldom hear about the brains behind the operation. ¬†Here are the top 10, check out the entire list here!

1. Kate Young
2. Leslie Fremar
3. Petra Flannery
4. Elizabeth Stewart
5. Kemal Harris and Karla Welch
6. Jen Rade
7. Ryan Hastings
8. Samantha McMillen
9. Deb Waknin
10. Christina Ehrlich