From hot mess to Glamour girl!

Keywords: nicole richie, glamour magazine, house of harlow

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Nicole Richie? I think of her fabulous fashion sense, her ever expanding fashion brand(s), and an adorable, young, fashionable mom. In the most recent (June) issue of Glamour, Ms. Richie is featured in a fabulous fashion shoot looking as gorgeous as ever. I almost forgot what she looked like when she first entered the public eye. Do you remember when she was just Paris Hilton’s hot mess bff on The Simple Life?

Can you believe this is how the fashionista behind House of Harlow used to dress? Granted this was a while back, it is so far off from the classy retro look that she sports today. She’s definitely come along way!  I’m thinking everyone has their ups and downs, and it looks like Nicole has certainly matured as she’s gotten older.  Everyone does things when we’re younger that we’re not proud of… hers just happen to take place on a reality tv show infront of millions of people.