Give your hands a break


Keyword: clutch, strap, hands-free

You’re out at a social event with friends. You have your clutch in one hand, drink in the other and your eye on the mini quiches coming around, but with no free hands you have to make a decision….drink, or food? An easy way to fix this is to carry a purse with a handle! Beaded or chained or even the small side strap works! If you have a strapless clutch that you just love, add your own strap. Simply take a beaded necklace of choice and place the bulk of it inside the bag. Pull out the necklace to desired strap length and close the top over it….bam!!….your very own beaded, strapped purse.  Now your hands are free to hold both drink and food, hold hands with your boy, and you don’t have to find an awkward place to set down your bag when you go to the rest room!