Ferragamos FW Sales goes public today!!!

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Okay, so I know that everyone goes crazed over Louie and can’t get enough of Gucci … but sometimes enough is enough and one must broaden their scoop of true fashion.  Salvatore Ferragamo has been around since the early 1900′s, but is one of those classical brands, like most, that stays off the radar of pop culture.  Neither is right or wrong, but I don’t want you fashion hungered boys and girls to go without.  So without further ado:

Insider scoop (thx BooNa) Ferragamo, or as I like to call it the “Gamo”, actually launched there private sale last week, but true to form, it was by invite only and very hush hush… today the sale goes public offering:  30 – 35% off shoes and accessories & 40% off RTW … they are also throwing in free shipping when you order online!! So get into it!!!!





    right right?!?!?!

    December 15 2011
    • LaLaLopez

      Thanks for the heads up!!!

      December 15 2011