Cosmopolitan takes a chunk out of Demi Lovato!

Keywords: demi lovato, cosmopolitan, photoshop

I know that every magazine out there is guilty of photoshopping their models and cover girls to hide imperfections, but every once in a while some of them take it too far. The July cover of Cosmopolitan features Demi Lovato looking way thinner than usual. This is an on-going controversy in the fashion industry that has been causing a huge problem amongst young women. Recently a group of teens took action by protesting the drastic photoshopping in Seventeen magazine, and stating that they want to see real girls in the mag. What is even more disturbing in this Cosmo case is that they would virtually slim Demi, even after her recent struggles with depression. I know that photoshopping is an industry standard, but where do we draw the line?