Christian Louboutin book out!!!

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Available for pre-order now on Amazon,  with an official release date of October 25, This seems to be a Louboutins tell-all.  There  has been alot of crappy blog coverage of it, so I spent a little more time to dig up all the info I could find.     The best I found was through a Google Product Search- never heard of it before, but it popped up and did the job for me haha.

I’ll spare you the same old cut n’ paste that every other site did, and highlight the important parts:

-Fanciful and intricate pop-up, an elaborate foldout cover, and dramatic still-life photography.

-New photography captures Louboutin’s artistic sensibilities, while an in-depth interview reveals Louboutin’s life, travels, and inspirations, presenting a very personal look at the man behind the shoes.

-Divided into six chapters. Covering everything from photos and stories about his retail locations, tours of his exotic homes, photos of all 120 of his different famous designs.

I just summed up the entire book in 3 bullets haha…  No i’m not lazy…. but did you really want to read 3 paragraphs worth of a summary?   It’s gonna have tons of pictures, tons of stories, and the first ever in-depth look at the man who has left his mark on the Fashion world forever.