Makin’ it rain with CHAMPAGNE!!

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Happy Champagne Thursday!!!!  Some might ask how this relates to FASHION .. ?!!? .. Great question.  Well, every time that I’m at fashion show, behind stage or in the audience CHAMPAGNE is served.  Also, anytime shopping it up on Rodeo Dr or 5th Ave they make it rain with Champagne from Louie or Prada most, if not all stores, offer you a glass … but we take the BOTTLE!!!


Bi-coastal from Los Angeles to NYC and all in between make sure to have at least a glass of Champagne .. whether its Kobel or Cristal make it rain!!!!!  Chanel even said so (:

  • LaLaLopez

    Definitely adds some pizazz to your Thursdays!!!

    December 02 2011
    • JUSTIN

      Champagne shower! LMFAO said it best and not you topped it with Champagne Campaign! bottle popping is always fun fun in the bun bun : )

      December 01 2011
      • Brian

        Happy Champagne Thursday!!! :)

        December 01 2011