Scruffy shaves done right

Keywords: 5 oclock shadow, bradley cooper, adrien grenier, lenny kravitz

Some girls are into facial hair, others hate it.  I was lucky enough to land myself one of the girls that hate it. *yay* The most I’m able to safely grow it without her complaining is like a day after the 5 o’clock shadow sets in. Luckily for me, my facial hair game is pathetic, so I get to stretch that out to a shave every 3 days or so.     I am a big fan of the 5 o’clock shadow- I even think it unsuspectingly adds to our confidence level and the way we carry ourselves.

For me atleast, it puts a little bit of a ‘sex appeal’ feeling in my step.  Dressed up for dinner or relaxing with friends, I walk out of the house with a fresh 5 o’clock shadow on and you bet your ass I’m causing accidents walking across the street.   Bradley Cooper who? Check out this sexy, scruffy hunk causing 4 car pileups.