Whatever happened to French Connection!!?!

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Okay … for all of you that have your mind in the gutter … this is entitled FCUK … FRENCH CONNECTION UNITED KINGDOM!!! Oh ya, oh ya… all those F u N shirts with quisi-explicit phrases!!! HA HA HA … oh yes, trust me I had a few on mine own … not to mention a pretty large assortment of clothing, a few bags and jewelry!  So my question tonite boys and girls, and bois … is whatever happened to FCuK?!!?

Many many moons ago I could recall cruising 3rd Street in Santa Monica and skipping happily into FCuK … and was it in Olde Town Pasadena I found great summer sales, but alas both have closed up shop!  Let’s not forget that time in Vegas at the outlets .. YES FCuK has outlets, but very far and few!!!  The only free-standing store that I can think of is in SOHO (oh the joys in living in NYC) … but if they think I am going to fly my @$$ to the UK just to go shopping … well, okay, maybe if someone bought my ticket and gave my a billion pounds for a shopping spree!!

Well, bust out your wikipedias, phone a friend, and google until your fingers bleed, but can someone please tell me what happened to FCuK!?!?!


  • They’re now @ Sears. Believe it I not… It’s called UK style, only for women though.

    December 14 2011
    • JUSTIN

      I miss FCUK….they have cute stuff…i still have many things from FUCK in my closet. i think they’re in department stores now like Sears or Macys….not sure tho! someone check and let me know!

      December 14 2011