Rapper 2 Chainz was arrested today for packing Brass Knuckles

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Okay Okay!  So maybe I don’t have the latest ’2 Chainz’ mixtape on heavy rotation on itunes, maybe I didn’t even know who the guy was before today, maybe this story isn’t even relevant to my site… I don’t know, but I do know this:   2 chainz has one of the funniest Google Image Results pages I’ve ever seen.



I sent out a few texts as soon as I heard he was arrested at Laguardia Airport today after TSA Officials found what appeared to be Brass Knuckles tucked into his suitcase.   Like most rappers in NY, 2 Chainz wasn’t given the right time of day and hauled away at the airport.   His media camp has since come forward claiming the ‘Brass Knuckles’ in question, was actually a piece of jewelery-  and we have the pics to prove it!


I mean, I don’t see why the NYPD had to cause such a scene at Laguardia-  it’s just a solid gold 4 knuckle ring that matches the exact specifications of a pair of Brass Knuckles, no reason to sound the alarms haha.




Of course the entire rap community will be up in arms over this,  and while I can’t say the guy has a bad case here,  I will say that maybe he should be a little more alert when flying from city to city.      As a side note-  don’t these guys brag about flying private, and owning jets and helicopters dipped and gold and stuff?  What is 2 Chainz doing boarding a public flight at LGA?