Well, Naysayers, I present to you: Zac Efron in Cannes

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You want me to cover some Mens Fashion every now and again?  Fine!      Go grab a pen, a pad, and a few drool cups and take notes from Zac Efron.  Perfection.  Suits are by no means hard to pull off,  but it takes a certain level of skill and style in order to stand out in a crowd of suits.    Let me highlight the essentials:


1. Modern-Fit cut shirts, an absolute must.  The baggy collar/sleeve/midsection in shirts went out 5 years ago.

2. Custom-fit suit.   You can’t buy this off the shelf unfortunately, but when you spend the extra couple of bucks getting a suit custom tailored, everyone in the room will notice.

3. Pick the right tie.  Zac Efron has pulled the skinny tie look off countless times, and he nails it once again.

4. Pocket Square.   Not for everyone, but for those that choose to try it, make sure you do it right.



I love a man in a suit,  I’m pretty sure any girl out there would agree.  But there is nothing worse than an unguided mans attempt at throwing on a suit and thinking he looks like a million bucks Zac Efron.


One more for good measure:


What?  I couldn’t publish this post without hitting you guys with the Matthew McConaughey/Zac Efron 1-2 combo.   Is anyone complaining?