Add a pop of color to your gloomy winter wardrobe with these fabulous friendship bracelets!

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You can find these bracelets by Mono & Me for $20 each.

Mono & Me is a small company based in Barcelona with one big idea. These friendship bracelets seem to have taken the fashion world by storm. Wannabe¬†Fashion guru Kanye West was pictured in the fashion trade publication Women’s Wear Daily wearing the red bracelet.

These are so much fun because they can be layered in the same or a variety of colors or with other bracelets, bangles, or even watches. One of my favorite bloggers The Man Repeller refers to this as an “Arm Party”. So order a few for yourself or your friends (they are called friendship bracelets) and join the party!

According to Singer 22 the colors of the bracelets each have a meaning:

Red – passion, sensitivity, love

Blue – harmony, friendship, devotion

Green – hope, balance, youth

Yellow – enjoyment, creativity, rich life

Pink – kindness, sensitivity, pleasure

Orange – party, pleasure, happiness

White – innocent, harmony, serenity

Black – nobility, fidelity, seriousness