Surprise surprise… more money for the JS cast

keywords: abercrombie & fitch, the situation, jersey shore

So, I’m honestly not even going to go into the details on this; you guys have all heard of it by now(we don’t pride ourselves of breaking news… we just report it with our own spin on things)       So, A&F reportedly offered Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino money to stop wearing his clothes,  then as the story developed- A&F apparently offered the entire Jersey Shore cast money NOT to wear their clothes.  blah blah blah I know we’re a Fashion blog and all- but I just don’t have it in me to beat this story to death like everyone else did..


Heres what I do have to offer though.  And I say this with respect towards the A&F brand and anyone who wears their apparel… but what 30 year old man do you guys know besides Sitch that still wears A&F?   I’ll proudly say that A&F got me through elementary school and all the way through highschool-  But with the exception of a sleeveless gym shirt that I wear every time a can of paint is opened in my house… I honestly don’t have a single friend that wears this stuff anymore.

I try and stay in tune with any and all Fashion, while I may not agree with everything walking down the street-   To each their own obviously- but from my point of view, I just don’t see any mature 30 year olds walking around in this gear as much as Sitch does.

Am I way off, or do you guys agree?