And I actually didn’t mind it at all

Keywords: fedora, neyo, usher, johnny depp, fashion trends

How do I not start this post off with a picture of Neyo?   I mean the guy single-handedly brought back the fedora.  Every time I saw him in 2011 the guy had anew Fedora on.  Does he own a Fedora factory?  Does he own the patent to Fedoras?   Does he just really like Fedoras?  I  don’t know about all that, but I do know the guy can wear the hell out of one of these bad boys.

I feel as though the definition of a Fedora is loosely determined by any sort of hat on a celebrities hat that doesn’t have a Baseball logo on it.   Seriously, on my hunt for pictures, I saw every type of hat under the sun, and they were always referred to as Fedoras.     I had one friend who got into the Fedora thing,  he didn’t nail it like Neyo, but he most certainly did pull them off.

If you read my other post about the diamond stud earrings you’d know I didn’t even try to put one of these things on my head… no thank you, I’ll save myself the embarrassment and just write an article about it instead,  muuuuuuch safer on the sidelines.