This weeks watch ‘ups the ante’ a little bit in the price department

Keywords: panerai luminor, watch of the week, mens watches


The Panerai Luminor.   Tons of different options that you can get this watch in-  but my vote is for the black face, smooth bezel, with the rubber diver strap.

This is a watch you buy and use everywhere.   An expensive watch that will last you forever, even wearing it around for your daily activities.  It’s manly, classy, sporty and elegant all wrapped into one black and chrome piece of perfection.

Had to include this pic to give you a better idea of the sizing on the wrist-  the thing is a beast that can be worn to a Black Tie Affair.


All in all, give or take a few hundred bucks, you can call yourself a proud owner of one of these beautiful Panerai Luminors, price tags hovering in the $7,995… better get to work!