Aaaahhh!!  She infuriates me so much!

Keywords: courtney stodden, slut fashion, d list


I purposely haven’t covered anything this girl has done in the past, simply because I literally despise everything she stands for.    She is famous for dressing like a slut and marrying some creepy old guy.  And believe me, I use the term ‘famous’ very loosely here.  Here she is,  Courtney Stodden, dressed in the absolutely most ridiculous outfit she could get her hands on, while shopping with her mother.



I hate to break the news to you darling, but if you were going to make it big time, it would have happened already.  Your staged photoshoots around paparazzi, your ridiculous outfits to do everyday things like going shopping with your mom, and your bogus marriage to that creepy 51 year old guy you’re supposedly madly in love with.



All the time pictures are popping up of this sloppy mess dressed in next to nothing, desperately trying to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame in any way possible.


I’m no Hollywood agent, but I’m pretty sure if you were getting a reality show or any other ridiculous opportunity, it would have happened already.  Hollywood jumps on this stuff immediately and makes their money before people even have a chance to blink… you my dear, have been around for too long, sitting stagnant, physically aging at a rate 10x faster than any other 17 year old girl on earth.